For the Mid-Season finale we catch back up with Team Arrow in the middle of their battle on two fronts against Damian Darhk. On the political front and in the depths of town behind the scenes front.

This weeks episode both fronts intersected into each other. Oliver Queen helped organize a clean up on the beach with a lot of kids there to help along with to learn about science. While this was ongoing the local reporters were on hand to ask Oliver Queen questions for the newscast and articles. Out of nowhere a machine gun drone came and starting shooting up the beach. It caused a number of injuries and team Arrow to come to the agreement that Damian Darhk was behind this attack. Going a step further Oliver Queen decides it is time to out who Damian Darhk really is and so he does it on the air. He lets everyone knows that he is the leader of the Ghosts who have been tormenting the town for months.

Darhk obviously doesn’t take the news well and starts to think of how to get his revenge. Team Arrow was working on a Holiday party and after urging of everyone, Oliver decides that yes he can’t hide and follows through with the Holiday party as scheduled with extra security. Darhk not one to let that stop him goes to the Holiday party, quickly stops the security because he has magic and sends the guns flying away. He doesn’t do anything physically to Oliver Queen because he says that the best way to hurt him is to hurt others he cares about so he takes Felicity, John Diggle, and his sister. Laurel wasn’t at the party as she was manning the hotline, so after the attack Oliver Queen, Laurel, and Malcolm Merlyn arrives to help rescue his daughter. Darhk wanted Oliver to turn himself in to free his friends, so he did what a typical hero would do and turns himself in, however Darhk is a bad guy after all and doesn’t honor his side of the bargain. Darhk puts the three of them into a chamber that slowly sucked out all of the oxygen, Oliver was on the outside just watching helplessly as his family and friends were suffering. Malcolm Merlyn, dressed as Green Arrow, and the Black Canary came to help free everyone. Black Canary was able to damage and penetrate glass with her super voice. With their help they were able to free them and Lance with some backup came to help after the fight was nearly over.

Darhk was knocked around pretty good, but as nearly anyone on this show he obviously wasn’t dead. Towards the end he was showing his business partners the progress he has been making, as he was able to grow a ton of corn underground. I am not quite familiar with what the ultimate plan is on that.

The cliffhanger, because every season finale has to have a cliffhanger has to do with Felicity. Felicity found out that Oliver was going to propose to her in the past and got a little crazy about it. After their fight and escape from Darhk, Oliver had another late night press conference where he finally proposes to Felicity who of course says yes. They leave off together in a limo, they get a few blocks before the vehicle gets cornered and shot up with tons of bullets. The driver dies, Oliver gets into the driver seat and tries to get to safety. After he does he goes to check on Felicity who was see has been shot at least once in the stomach area. Does she die, does nearly anyone die in the Arrow universe? What are my thoughts? We will catch up with those later on.