A word about “Drunk History’s” format: Derek Waters and crew choose a topic and three drunken narrators tell three different stories. Until last Tuesday. Riding his immense popularity to the telling of tales, Lin-Manuel Miranda took the ENTIRE half hour to give us the real Hamilton deal.


Source: TGON

*Lin-Manuel vehemently denying his Monkees adoration*

-Alexander Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis

-Ham’s mom died when he was 12; he was a legit poor orphan

-Hurricane helped Hamilton get to the colonies. He wrote a letter that got published and people gave him money

-He sailed to America and his ship caught fire

-Got to NY and joined The Revolutionary War under Gen. Washington

-After the war, became President Washington’s Treasury Secretary

-Had a torrid affair while married; published a long pamphlet about it

-Died in a duel at the hand of his former friend, Aaron Burr


Source: TGON

*Lin, feeling the effects of Kool-Aid sized glasses of whiskey*

This episode had it all. From two actresses playing Hamilton and Burr (Alia Shawkat and Aubrey Plaza), to the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl making a cameo. It was amazing and hilarious and fun. Let’s hope busy bee Lin makes another stop on the “Drunk History” train soon.

Join TGON next week for more tipsy tales.