Episodes like this are why I love this series. This week, we went clubbing with Eve and the gang at Club Effigy, where mysterious incidents have been flying under the radar of the Clippings Book for some time. There have been several cases of attendees overdosing on drugs that weren’t in their systems, that they’ve never even touched.

Effigy is unlike most modern clubs, you leave your phones at the door; photography is prohibited unless done by club employees, all pictures taken are property of Club Effigy, and only the young and beautiful are allowed in (though that last point is only marginally abnormal!).

The club is vanity-centric; the people take more pleasure in watching the screens in hopes of catching a glimpse of their own faces, than they do in dancing, drinking, and having a good time.

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Vanity. Pictures. The transfer of sins. And a perpetually-handsome club owner. Sound at all familiar? Jenkins finds that the previous owner of the club, Basil Hallward, is the same man who painted the famous picture of Dorian Gray. The picture imbued with magic that transferred Dorian’s sins onto canvas, and allowed him to stay young and beautiful forever. Of course this brings about the conclusion that the club owner is Dorian Gray, who has survived and thrived on the pictures of club-goers, rather than Hallward’s original masterpiece. It’s Jenkins, in the end, who outsmarts Gray and takes him down.

In past weeks I’ve felt that The Librarians’’ plotlines were simply not original enough, and I’m glad they’ve reverted, this week, to that sweet spot where literature and science meet magic. This is such a unique concept that lends itself beautifully to the established character dynamic on the show, and it’s what they should be sticking to.

I’ll leave you with an amazing quote from our favorite Knight of the Round Table, Mr. Jenkins, that sums up this episode and speaks to our selfie-obsessed society;

“At the end of the day, there’s a big difference between image and identity.”