The mid season finale of The Walking Dead left me wanting more. It does this a lot of times, but this episode did a lot more than usual. When you are waiting for months you want the last episode to go out with a bang. However the episode ended like this…



How did we get here? Well as the last episode closed we know that the tower collapsed inside and the walkers were pouring in causing everyone to scramble for cover. Our main group ended up in Jessie’s house. During the melee to get to Jessie’s house Deanna got bitten by a walker. Once safely inside Sam who has been playing pretend was still upstairs listening to music and coloring. Ron still was hard up to kill Carl, came up with an idea to try to kill Carl in the garage. Carl however is battle ready and was able to fend off the attack by Ron, which caused a window and door to be broken causing more noise which attracted more walkers to the house. It caused the group to have to make a choice about their safety.

Carl deflected the reasoning for all the noise and said that the walkers were close and they had to act fast. After securing the door the best they could, Carl went and talked to Ron and disarmed him and told him his dad was a dick. It was a very effective moment for Carl. The group went old school, back to Atlanta and decided that they had to do the ‘wear walker guts’ plan to try to escape to safety. The group all seemed like they were mentally able to handle it, including Gabriel, all except one, Sam. Sam was still playing make believe, and his mom had to try to psych him up and tell him he just had to play make believe to get out alive. So the core group geared up with blankets and walker guts to make their escape, minus Deanna who was at the end of her life, she created a diversion when the walkers were coming into the house with gunfire and yelling as her final moments. A few steps outside of the house is all Sam could get before he started calling out for mom. This is how this episode ends.

We also learned a couple other things this episode, Eugene played important role in the plot. We learned that Eugene was the one who said, “help” into the Walkie Talkie that Daryl heard. The other huge game changer, was that Eugene has a skill set! Eugene was locked in a garage with Tara and Rosita, and said that lock picking fit into his skill set. Which was absolutely true! After unpicking the lock they made it to the locked cell that a member of the Wolves was captured in, along with the doctor, along with Morgan and Carol, who had a personal smack down over what to do with the Wolves member, who knocked out the winner just as quickly. The Wolves member kidnapped the doctor to help make his escape, Tara, Rosita, and Eugene gave up their weapons to protect Carol and Morgan. The group could be in serious trouble if they also lose the doctor.

The most exciting and important part of the episode, didn’t even happen in the episode. After watching Into the Badlands through the first commercial break we saw the preview for the second half of the season. Negan is coming! Sasha, Abraham and Daryl got stopped on their way back to Alexandria by a group of motorcycle men. They told them to get out of the truck, and that everything, the truck, the gas, the emergency stash of napkins, all of it now belongs to Negan. I am so excited!