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TV has hardened my romantic heart over the years. I’m so used to couples that I love breaking up before they even get a chance that I try not to get too attached to them anymore.

Should I be feeling the same way about Jake and Amy? Consider me cautiously optimistic.

One of the creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Michael Schur, is also the mastermind behind the greatest show ever: Parks and Recreation. If you remember, Parks and Rec did a phenomenal job of developing all of the characters and relationships on the show, so there was never a really need to break up any of their couples for dramatic purposes. Yes, each couple had a little bit of drama here and there, but nothing too bad. I’m hoping we get the same kind of luck for Jake and Amy.

Here’s why I think it’s possible that they could really work:

  1. Their “fight” we witnessed was realistic, and it was resolved within the episode. Nothing is worse for a relationship than when couples are dishonest with each other and issues aren’t resolved. Jake and Amy shared their feelings and resolved the problem. This heightens the chance that the same may happen in the future.
  2. The show’s main focus has not been on their relationship. This is not the rule by any means (i.e: The Mindy Project puts a lot of focus on Danny/Mindy and Gilmore Girls put very little on Luke/Lorelai), but B99 doesn’t need Jake and Amy’s relationship to thrive, which means they don’t need their breakup for extra drama either. In fact, a break up would create angst (in their workplace) more suited for an hour-long drama, not a silly comedy.
  3. Finally, Boyle would fall apart. Nobody wants to see that.

So, as I said, I will remain cautiously optimistic about these two, but then again, I don’t fully understand the ways of the TV world. Showrunners are too afraid of the Moonlighting curse, which is total BS to me.