The Walking Dead returns to our TV screens October 23rd, is this when we will finally learn the fate of perhaps the biggest cliff hanger in television history?

We will just have to wait and see about that, but for right now at this years San Diego Comic Con, The Walking Dead season 7 trailer finally hit you upside the head with the force of a chained up nail bat.

The Lineup
The montage was very well done, each member that was in the lineup had their time showing the past accomplishments, events, and also connections to the other members of the group, they kept them in grid bubbles, so you could see some of the past along with the current situation. It was a great way to remind people what was happening up to this point. On this front you didn’t have anything new at the beginning, but later on in the trailer you saw a very red dripped bat.

New Territory the Kingdom
Last season Jesus told Rick’s group that their world is about to change as they are going to learn they are not the only ones out there. They already met the Hilltop, ran into the Saviors, and a third group that tried to fight them at the Hilltop. Rick might not know of them yet, but Morgan and Carol are getting familiar with the Kingdom. From what we can see, and what we might be able to assume from the books, is that the Kingdom is a larger group with capable age fighters, they stay in town and in turn wear armor and utilize horses for fast travel in a dangerous populated area. We do see that they are growing some food, perhaps in a school yard, we have to assume they get most of their supplies from scouting the near bye areas. If they are able to properly attack the buildings they could have lots of things at their disposal. It is to early to have an idea if they are a part of the Saviors situation.

Carol and Morgan appear to be healthy over all, Morgan appears to be his usual self, while Carol is one of her many selves, this time she is utilizing her expertise as “Susie Homemaker” routine as “She has no idea what’s going on in the most wonderful way!” I think they are in a good situation right now all things considered. I wonder if they will stay where they are at or try to get back home. Anytime you get to expand the world, and the character pool it gets exciting.

Negan’s Foundry Compound
We see a little bit of Negan’s home base, called the foundry, we see that he has a group of “worker bees” for lack of a better term. They appear to be very afraid of him, and they get down and bow to him while he walks by. He obviously has the fear in them that they are willing to go along with this for safety.

We see a girl essentially say that no matter what ‘he has done it could always be worse.’ I am thinking that will be one of Negan’s many “wives” that he has claimed as his own.

Hilltop doomed?
In a very quick jump cut we see walkers all around Jesus, with him fighting them off as he is very slippery. It appears in the background that a section of the fence is down creating the reason why walkers are all around. I am curious to see if this is the end of the Hilltop and they will move and merge with Alexandria.

Ezekial and Shiva
I am very excited to see Ezekial, he appears to be such a strong amazing character, and how can you NOT love someone who comes with his very own fucking tiger? You can’t, this has to be amazing, Shiva looks good from what I have seen and I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

Reminder The Walking Dead will return Sunday October 23rd on AMC.