Question: “Do you think Bones will kill Booth in this final season? I feel like there have been so many possible foreshadowing to this. Thoughts?”

Marla: Short Answer- No. 100% no.

But I will elaborate on that a bit. When season 12 was first announced, it was positioned as a “gift” to the longtime fans who have followed Bones to every night of the week and every time slot imaginable. The network wanted to end the show after all this time. But Bones was granted these last 12 episodes to provide closure for these characters we have followed all these years. While I would undoubtedly and ardently support the continuation of these stories for the remainder of my life, that is unfortunately the way this business goes. Because I understand that, I am grateful that Bones was given these episodes. Most shows do not have that luxury. And everyone involved deserved a chance to end it in the right way.

That said, it will certainly not be an easy ride. There is going to be a lot of emotional turmoil stemming from a both a mysterious return from Booth’s past and something personal occurring in Brennan’s life. While we can reasonably assume that Max is the impetus for Brennan’s emotional plunge, Booth’s is not quite clear just yet. That story will begin to unravel in episode four. Other than that, I’m not sure as to the foreshadowing to which you are referring. These characters will be tested, of course. But they are always tested. And they always overcome each and every obstacle. Booth will perhaps find himself in danger, once more. Something from his past as a Ranger is coming back into play. But Booth will eventually triumph. As he always has. The cost? That much is unclear. But it won’t be his own life.

Thinking about this logically, if this is truly a season for the fans, there is no conceivable way they would or could kill Booth. None, whatsoever. If that’s not enough, the EPs already said at SDCC that two RECURRING characters would be dying this season. None of whom were present at the panel. This includes David Boreanaz. David directed the finale. We already know the lab will be in ruins by the end. So I suppose that is something of a shocking revelation. And these core six will be embarking on their future by the end of the episode. I have no inkling as to what that will entail, but I know that Booth and Brennan are in that final shot together (see DB’s Instagram for the setup of that scene). This show began as a journey between these two people. And it’s going to end that way as well. It will end with the two of them, married with children, off on their next journey. And once again, they will do so together. Of that, I am certain. Because if you kill Booth, that is essentially just a giant “F**k You” to the fans. And that is not what this season is about. This season is about going back to the beginning and tying up loose ends. And it’s also about giving these characters a satisfying resolution. By the end of it, they will all be in a place where you can rest easy knowing that they are going to be okay. Maybe it won’t play out in the way we expect or even in the way some people may desire, but I trust the writers. And I trust that it will be a satisfying ending (which will not include Booth’s demise).

Though I have to say that no ending will alleviate the immense pain I am feeling right for my beloved show. I don’t even usually like to mention the end. So I am going back into my world of denial following this post.

I’ll end this here by mentioning that the cast, crew, and media have always teased this show in a way that both incites interest and throws fans off the trail. So while I am worried about the intense pain these characters will likely endure as this season plays out, I know it will ultimately be rewarding. And the acting will be superb. The writers always go with the best possible story. And it’s not always the easiest story to tell.  But rest assured, Booth will live. I spend countless hours and days and weeks and months mulling over this show and these characters. And that kind of ending was not something that ever occurred to me. Maybe it’s how other shows would play out. But not Bones. This season is a gift. And that ending in an impossibility.

Sorry for the rambling. See the “short answer” at the top for a more concise answer! – Marla

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