The new season of Supergirl is here, as well as its debut on its new home at The CW! It gives me great pleasure to say that it seems like the show has found where it should have been all along. If the rest of season 2 is going to be like the premiere than we are in for a great show.

This premiere had a lot to do.

  • Bring in Superman, in a way where the most popular superhero known to man wouldn’t overshadow his cousin.
  • Begin the introductions of the dozens of new characters that will be introduced this season.
  • Hit a hard reset on pretty much all the romance from season 1.

That, and plenty more was needed to start us off this year, all while keeping the charm of last year alive.

I say they did an A+ job!

The Introduction to Superman was something I had been trying not to dread all summer, but still keeping a wary eye on it. I love Clark Kent, I do. However I would have been devastated if had swooped in and stolen all the lime light from the Girl of Steel.

Tyler Hoechlin was amazing. He captured that dorkiness that has always made Clark Kent lovable, and the commanding presence that makes Superman the king of all the Superheroes. It was also made very clear, he was just stopping by to help out his cousin for bit, he has his own city to take care of all.

Among the many changes in scenery that we are getting this year, thanks to a move to Vancouver, we get a new DEO!

It has all glass front doors and windows and seems to be right in the middle of the city. AKA, not a secret base in the least. I don’t get that part, but honestly it looked to pretty that I don’t really care a whole lot.

We also find out that this new base of operations is a block from Alex’s apartment. I really thought she probably lived in her car outside of Kara’s apartment at all times.

Kara is brought to this new place right after she and J’onn find a mysterious man in the pod that crashed in last years season finale. Alex can’t do any tests on him because the needles break off, just like Supergirl.

Once Clark decides to stay in town for a couple days, to find out who tried to blow up a rocket full of people on its way to space, we are treated to a delightful amount of scenes of basically everyone fawning over him. Even Cat Grant. Apparently she’s had a crush on him for ages, and makes it known that she’s not opposed to a Clark Kent and Superman sandwich.

Kara shadows Clark while he gets his reporter on, seeing as while she is still in job limbo, she has nothing else to do.

The super cousins quickly find out that the bomb was actually made to detonate one particular seat. Lena Luthor, adopted little sister of Lex Luthor, was supposed to be on that rocket but cancelled at the last minute.

Hearing the name Luthor of course sends Clark into a tail spin of accusations. Not that anyone can really blame the dude.

Lena, played by Katie McGrath cut an imposing figure and I’m looking forward to seeing if she is more like her brother than she says she is.

Side note– Even though their names are different, this is the same exact character from Smallville, Tess Mercer. She was my favorite and even though its been a decade, I’m still bitter about how they ended her character arc. So the inclusion of Lena Luthor has me over the moon pretty much. 

Through shadowing Clark all day, as a reporter and working together as Superman and Supergirl, Kara finally comes to realize what it is that she wants for a career. Reporter.

In one of the more heartwarming scenes of the hour, Cat reveals that she wrote that very thing on Kara’s resume that day she applied. She always knew she had it in her to be a reporter, she just needed to figure that out for herself.

Now on to the other part of the episode that I know a lot of fans are angry and confused about.

The abrupt break-up of Kara and James. They finally got together in the season finale and with the start of this year, they were desperately trying to go out on a date without disaster striking every time.

It didn’t take Kara long to realize, now that she had it, this relationship she worked so hard to get last year, she didn’t really want it anymore.

Here’s the real story. Supergirl was on CBS last year and weren’t sure they’d even get a second season. James and Kara are technically canon in the comic series, but that shouldn’t necessarily mean they have to be together in every form.  At least not right away.

That was a problem I had with the show last year, the pushed the romance to quickly and it felt forced and fake. I’m all about a slow burn romance. Let me get to actually know who the character James is first, before you shove his main role into being ‘The Boyfriend’.

So, we shall see what the coming year will bring, I’d be quite happy with zero romance going on but it’s on the CW so I won’t hold my breath.

Also a surprise introduction was made in the last couple minutes of the episode. We met the evil doctor who works for Cadmus! Brenda Strong plays her, and honestly she’s is already scaring the crap out of me. She oozed that falsely’ sweet until she murders you’ voice and I’m very excited for this storyline now.

Submitted by Jenn Lueck