Yes! I have been waiting for an episode like this! Well, kind of. Why on earth is Sheldon in the ninth grade? He clearly should be at least on his way to graduating high school by now and yet he’s stuck as a high school freshman.

High School isn’t Enough

So this episode begins with Sheldon rightfully zoning out in his math class because he already knows all the material. I’m not at all surprised. In his little day dream he has the solution that stops a space station from crashing. He’s the little hero.

That evening he announces to his parents that high school isn’t enough (duh). He had been corresponding with Dr. John Sturgis at a college near by. He says he wants to audit his theoretical physics class to learn about quantum chromodynamics. His parents are hesitant but after some negotiating, he convinces them to say yes and for Meemaw to drive him every Friday night.

In the meantime, Georgie and Missy crack down on Missy’s homework. With Sheldon going to a college class, they’re both insecure about their intelligence and want to prove to themselves that they can at least get through her grammar questions.

Sheldon Goes to College

Sheldon and Connie are early to Dr. Sturgis’ lecture. Sheldon asks her to walk her into the class and make sure that he is sorted which she does. The reactions of the other students, staring and smiling at the young boy as he takes a seat in the front row is kind of heart warming. They’re intrigued by his presence, unlike in high school where the vibe is often more alienating. Dr. John Sturgis ambles in a few minutes later but not before talking to the pretty lady waiting outside.

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Connie is knitting on a bench outside of the lecture hall and runs into Dr. Sturgis. With his unusual wit and curious charm, Dr. Sturgis convinces Connie to come sit in on the lecture. Sheldon and his Meemaw have a delightful time in the lecture (especially Sheldon) and so does Dr. Sturgis. By the end of the class he asks Connie if she would like to go have dinner. Sheldon delightfully answers yes, she would love to have dinner with him.

A Purple Bike

Sheldon is at Connie’s waiting for Dr. Sturgis while Connie gets ready. When he arrives, Sheldon has a little chat with the professor. He gives Dr. Sturgis all the tips and tricks of making Connie happy; her favourite food is Mexican but her favourite topic of conversation is of course, her Moon-Pie. Sheldon is convinced that they are going to get married and so wants them to hit it off.

Their date goes well, as Connie tells Mary and George the next day. Sheldon woke her up and commented how she was alone in bed, but even so, she thinks about seeing Dr. Sturgis again. He rode a bike to Connie’s lace, refuses to learn how to drive and has an odd sense of humour that reminds George of Sheldon. Which means that as quirky as Dr. Sturgis is, Connie is drawn to him. He is all kinds of loveable. She’s still on the fence about accepting a second date, but when she gets home that afternoon and finds a purple bike sitting on her deck as a gift from the professor, she makes her decision.

Connie keeps going to Sheldon’s college class. The episode ends with a small cliff hanger where it seems like Connie has made a big decision to keep dating Dr. Sturgis. Sheldon insists their relationship is going to end up with marriage, so maybe a long-term relationship is really what is going to happen?

(Also, Georgie and Missy ace the grammar homework- which Georgie proudly pins onto his bulletin board).