The Big Bang Theory Thanksgiving episode starts with Sheldon looking for someone to go with him to the aquarium on Turkey Day.  The gang declines the offer with Bernadette, Raj, and Howard going to serve food to the homeless and Penny and Leonard cooking dinner for everyone.  Without anybody to go with him, Sheldon offers Amy the tickets, who suggests that they go together as friends.  Sheldon eagerly agrees.  Yay we finally have a Shamy episode!

At the soup kitchen, Howard complains about being stuck on dish duties, as well as not seeing Oliver-like homeless kids (Please Sir, I want some more!).  Being ditched by Bernadette, Raj, and Emily (who went to the dinner line), Howard continues to complain, until running into his idol Elon Musk, who is also feeding the homeless.  After talking a bit, Musk gives Howard his email and they share a piece of pumpkin pie.

As Penny and Leonard prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, Leonard finds out that Penny doesn’t know him as well he thought when Penny can’t remember his password on his tablet, which is also his birthday.  Proving that he knows more about her then she knows about him, Leonard tells her that he knows that she hates the orange lingerie he bought her because it makes her look like a slutty carrot.  Nice Leonard, only problem is that Penny never told anyone that, but she did write it I her journal.  Oops!  Feeling bad for reading her journal, Leonard changes into the slutty orange lingerie and tells Penny he can post a picture of him on Facebook.  Mortified, Penny says no, only to have Leonard twerk on her.  And of course, that is when Raj, Howard, Emily and Bernadette enter.  No need or a Facebook picture now.

At the aquarium, Sheldon and Amy bond over a game of “Food, Friend, Fight” (which is similar to “Kiss, Kill, Marry”).  After having such a great time, Amy calls Sheldon and asks if she can be his girlfriend again.  Unfortunately for all you Shamy fans, Sheldon tells Amy that he is still hurting over the break up, and thinks it’s wise to just stay friends for now.  My heart is breaking, though if you just heard the recent Shamy news, their redemption is coming on Dec 17th.  Until then, Happy Fansgiving everyone!