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Scandal 5×09 “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Woah. That was insane. Not that I’m super surprised about any of it, though.

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Fitz and Olivia have been a ticking time bomb since the beginning of the season, and the spark they once had—the spark that made me ship them—is gone. Liv was suffocating in that White House, and the fact that she was secretly pregnant only made it worse. Can you imagine Olivia Pope as a mother? I, for one, cannot. I think it’s true, Liv does prefer to be Fitz’s other woman. She doesn’t have the time, energy, or desire to be in a real relationship—especially with the President of the United States. Every relationship needs a healthy amount of give and take—which Olivia is already bad at—but Fitz happens to take more than the average man, just because of his position, and she just couldn’t handle it. That fight seemed pretty final to me, so I’m guessing this is a definitive end to Olitz (at least for a while). All I hope is that she doesn’t run back to Jake. She just takes and takes and takes from him, whenever she wants him. She needs to learn how to be alone for a while.  Hopefully that new couch symbolizes that?
Let’s move on to the hero of the hour: Mellie. This may have been my favorite subplot of hers. She showed everyone what she was capable of by filibustering for Planned Parenthood for 16 HOURS STRAIGHT (with one little bathroom break). I wonder how much of that superfluous senate spending is based on truth, because if so, I must insist they return a little bit of that huge chunk they take out of my paycheck every month. The way Liv watched Mellie so intently, and even helped her, once again demonstrated the bizarre relationship they have. They understand each other. They respect each other. But they also hate each other, for obvious reasons.

A few side notes:
-As much as I hate Rowan, I was happy that Huck didn’t take out his plastic tarp and start drilling him. Huck is definitely on the up and up, and I’d love it if it stayed that way.
-Weekly reminder of how legitimately worried I am about Susan Ross’ fragile heart. She is straight up falling for David Rosen, who is straight up falling for Elizabeth North.
-Quinn sometimes annoys me with her constant “gladiators do this, gladiators do that” but Charlie came back at the end of the episode, and nothing has ever made me happier.

Scandal doesn’t come back until February 11th, but that seems like the proper amount of time to recover from this nine-week drama-filled rollercoaster. Enjoy the break, because you know this show is going to come back more scandalous than ever.

GIF Source: TGON

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