I loved this episode.  To all you doubters out there, this episode proves that you can have a good Reign episode without Toby Rigbo (Francis).  But I digress, shall we continue…..

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This episode opens up three weeks after Francis’ death, and everybody is dealing with it differently.  Bash and Charles are spending some brotherly time together, Mary is in denial. And Catherine feels defeated about her winning the Regency.  Seeing Catherine’s unusual view on life, Mary rallies to her side.  They find out that Lord Grenier has positioned himself for the Regency and is trying to buy his way in by bribing Charles with gifts.  Charles, who has grown with his new responsibilities, is smarter than that and tries to help Mary get dirt on Grenier.  They soon find out that he has sold most of his vineyards.  But why?

Luckily, with one Greer’s ladies finds out from Lady Greneir.  They discovers that Lord Grenier has been using his vineyard money to purchase mercenary armies for the war in Scotland—and profiting off the death of his soldiers. When Mary and Catherine confront him, he knows he’s lost, but reminds Catherine that she has a lot of enemies on the council, and she hasn’t won yet.  Knowing that Lord Grenier is right, Mary end the alliance with France and Scotland.  Feeling lost. Mary plans to return to Scotland, and considers entertaining a visit with Don Carlos.  Charles invites Mary to stay in France, where she has friends and a support system.  Mary accepts his offers and sends for Don Carlos.

In another part of the castle, Narcisse is feeling sexually frustrated.  With Lola refusing to take charge in the bedroom, he is feeling a bit unwanted.  Enter in Catherine!  After their usual banter, Catherine gets to work.  Let’s just say Narcisse doesn’t want Lola to take charge in the bedroom anymore.  Catherine, however is still feeling frustrated, so she enlist the help of a servant, that she caught making out with a fellow servant in Francis’ room.  Way to go for using your resources Catherine.

After weekend of playing dumb, Claude finally makes a move on Leith.  The only problem, seeing that Claude is a princess, Leith won’t reciprocate. Seeing the situation, Claude wants to help Leith, and decides to set him up with an alderman’s daughter.  She also wants to show Leith how to dance, to impress his new lady love.  After failing to dance like the nobility, Leith shows Claude how they dance in the village, and the two bond.  Realizing that there was no alderman’s daughter, Leith confronts Claude.  She admits that she just wanted to spend time with him.  Not denying his feelings, Leith says he doesn’t want his be heartbroken like with Greer.  A little insulted, Claude tells Leith that is she is not Greer, and is not husband-hunting. That’s seem to be good enough for Leith, and the two kiss.  Awe, Cleith forever!

Meanwhile in England, Elizabeth is butt hurt that Robert followed his wife and left Court.  Trying to get Dudley back, Elizabeth appoints Amy as “Keeper of the Swans”. The Dudley’s return and Robert attempts to make it very clear that things are over between him and Elizabeth. Liz is pretty much like, “heard that before,” and the two end up having sex. Such is the merry-go-round of their affair.  Knowing that her husband is lost to her while they are at Court, Amy sexually bribes a doctor to tell her husband that she has cancer.  Robert, being really dumb believes the doctor and bids Elizabeth ado.  I see how this is going….

Angry, Elizabeth turns her anger to Nicholas who failed her.  Having Mary burning the Peace Accord, Elizabeth fires him, and enlists the help of her former lover Gideon Blackburn. It seems that Blackburn was hired by Elizabeth’s half-sister Bloody Mary to seduce Elizabeth, and that’s exactly what she wants him to do to Mary.  I see a love triangle happening soon…..

Another satisfying episode.  With many stories being built, I see that Francis’ death will only be a memory soon. I’ not saying he won’t be missed, because we all love Toby.  Until next time, lovelies!