This weeks episode of Arrow left me wanting more. I am not sure what it was maybe it was because I am not invested in the mayoral plot line of the show and that is a major point right now.

This week Damian Darhk continued to show his differing levels of power and control. He has control of Andy Diggle by way of H.I.V.E.s drug. John Diggle doesn’t take the news that well, he had thought his brother was dead. John likely made peace with the situation in his mind, we don’t know for sure as it was never mentioned, but he has been on a constant hunt to find Andy’s killer. He also probably felt some guilt, as in the past he dated Andy’s ex-wife, but with all the people returning from the dead on the show, I don’t see how John Diggle could have been THAT surprised of someone returning from the dead.

Team Arrow wanted to make a point to try to save Andy, even though John Diggle seemed unsure about all of it. During the battle, Arrow was outside of the building, John Diggle was currently not at the battle, Laurel was in the building on a floor by herself, Speedy was on a floor by herself. Laurel and Speedy were spotted and had to engage when they really didn’t want to. They both more than held their own in hand to hand combat trying to break free from certain capture. Speedy ended up in a elevator with Andy and their fight sequence was spectacular. Speedy was able to stop Andy and needed some help to get him out of the building, Damian Darhk, who has the ability to straight suck the life out of people, tried to do the same to Speedy to no effect. It ended up with multiple effects, one it appeared to hurt Darhk as he wasn’t able to absorb anything, while Speedy later admitted that it seemed to curb her blood lust desires. She told this to her dad, Malcolm Merlyn, the leader of the League of Assassins, I am certain that Malcolm will do everything in his power to try to find out the cause and how to use that to his advantage as they are bitter rivals.

John Diggle arrived towards the tail end of the battle and said that he had to get his brothers back, the green one, and we also got to see Ray Palmer get some action in with his suit. Why he wanted to use fists instead of his weapon is a question for another day. We got to see a sad exchange between John Diggle and Andy Diggle after John got to look at the report of what Andy was up to and responsible for while he was supposedly dead. Andy got to look at the file and admitted that it is all true to the dismay of John. I am not sure if he is thinking it is part of a brain wash or not, but you can see he is with Team Arrow and not letting blood get in the way.

To slightly recap the mayor story line, Damian Darhk tried to get in with Oliver Queen for the race. Oliver decided that wasn’t the way to go, he took a stand for a platform to run which didn’t have a great following for his press conference, but Darhk was there. Knowing this show Oliver and Darhk will fight at night, while also fighting during the day. This story line is going to entail Darhk either running for mayor now, or backing someone else for that seat, which might also lead to another villain

As of this moment I don’t have a feel on who that might be if it is not Darhk himself running for the seat.