This was easily one of the weirdest episodes of the season
so far. Sam and Dean are called to investigate a case where a man is murdered by
a person in a bunny mask that won’t come off. An old cop friend, Donna, (don’t
we just love her?!) tells the brother that due to the nature of the
case it would be best if they help her with it. At first, Sam and Dean assume
the mask is simply cursed so they salt and burn it and assume it’s over easy as
that. Unfortunately, not long after, another man is brutally attacked by a high
school football mascot dressed in a jester costume. By now, Sam and Dean
realise it can’t just be a case of one cursed mask. When they talk to the one
of the football player who tells them there were weird temperature drops in the
school, they know they must be dealing with some kind of haunting.

After a bit of digging, Sam and Dean find out the costumes belonged to a
children’s performer called Chester whom according to his sister committed
suicide. His sister had decided to donate the costumes and Sam and Dean decide
to burn all the costumes thinking that might solve some of the problem but they
soon learn it’s not quite as simple. They find out that Chester was accused of
molesting children of the dead victims and that his suicide was actually an
accidental death which resulted in a restless, angry spirit set on getting his


Source: CW // Supernatural

Towards the end of the episode, Chester’s spirit possess his
sister’s son and after a close call, Dean finally manages to remove the costume
and when he burns the last one, Chester spirits is finally put to rest and the
killings stop.

This was a good episode. I love that they seem to be bringing
back more old characters. I love Donna and I love that she’s not afraid to put
Sam and Dean in their place when it needs to be done. Supernatural has always
been very good with having strong, independent women who aren’t always swooning
over Sam and Dean and it makes it a good show to watch. I would say, most of
the time, it definitely passes the Bechdel test.

Even though this was mainly a filler episode, there were still some plot
relevant moments in it. At one point, Sam explained to Dean that the reason to
why he keeps praying is because since they found out that the Darkness is God’s
sister it might give him an actual reason to show up and Sam also confesses
that he’s terrified of what would happen if Lucifer is let out of the Cage. It
kind of makes you wonder though, if God and the Darkness are siblings then who
are their parents? Maybe there’s even more mythology to this than we realise
and I can’t wait to find out what the writers have in store.