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Photo by Game Of Thrones – HBO

After years of watching and suffering through countless dramatic and traumatizing moments, we’ve finally come to the peak of Game Of Thrones! Many a head, hand, and…well…other appendage were lost to get us to this point, but damn if it wasn’t worth it. (Probably not for Theon, but that’s a debate for another time.) With that in mind, let’s review the high points of the past season:

  • Cersei Lannister went ape-shit, blew up the Tyrells and the cultists, and claimed herself Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Her son, after losing his wife, jumped out of the window and fell to his death.
  • Jon Snow builds an army against the white-walkers, takes back Winterfell, and is proclaimed to be the king of the north.
  • After suffering at his hands, Sansa watches on as Ramsey Bolton is brutally slaughtered by his own dogs
  • Daenerys conquers and, with the help of the dothraki people, the Unsullied, and the armies from Houses Martell and Tyrell, she makes her way to the Westeros to take the throne.
  • Arya Stark has successfully, to an extent, completed her trials among the faceless ones and gotten a bit of sweet, sweet revenge for the loss of her family.

We at The Game Of Nerds are beyond excited for the new season, and House TGON is raring to watch with you! So tune into HBO tonight at 8PM CST to see your favorite, and possibly LEAST favorite characters finally butt heads!