Not even having a chance to wash off the blood from one group of dangerous attackers, the group gets attacked by a pack of walkers. The group doesn’t even realize that they are about to be challenged yet again like never before.

So let’s start by saying I am fairly certain we are seeing this episodes time line go past the time line we see in Alexandria. Our group of three, reckless Abraham, I don’t care Sasha, and where is your head at Daryl getting to the 20 mile marker to lead the herd away from Alexandria. Upon entering a town they are chased and shot at. Daryl goes one way, with Sasha and Abraham sticking towards the city streets. The end up crashing the car after the gunfire, and come out firing with their automatic weapons and easily dispatch the unarmored vehicles inhabitants. Knowing they are without vehicle and Daryl is still out their Sasha suggests that the best way to find a tracker is to stay put and let the tracker find you.

I missed the transition in Sasha from someone who seemed lost, literally hunting walkers in the forest with a death wish, and taking a nap in a walker bed to now where she obviously doesn’t want to die and seems to have her head on straight. She seems very level headed, on the other hand Abraham is now a drunken lost soul. He drinks day and night, is very reckless and for some reason he is making stupid decisions. He went out looking for trouble honestly. On his search of the area he found the blown out bridge, a army vehicle and a soldier. He found an amazing care package of RPG missiles and cigars. The launcher was near bye luckily enough, but it was attached to a walker soldier, impaled by the pole from the fence through the soldier while dangling from the fence. At this stage it is obvious what he needs to do, pike the walker in the head and either try to get the launcher from the dead walker, or to cut the strap from the RPG launcher and pull it up. Instead Abraham decided to crawl on the fence to the walker, and tried to wrestle it face to face while trying to take the launcher, something only a lost soul would do. After giving up he retreats to smoke a cigar, somehow that I still don’t believe all the extra effort made the walker tear the shoulder from the pole and he slipped off to the ground below but the launcher stayed on the fence. So after all the bad decisions Abraham got the launcher, missiles and cigars back to where Sasha was at and started hitting on her. I find that a bit surprising when he already has Rosita.

Daryl on the other hand got flushed into the forest, the forest was burned on purpose as an attempt to eliminate walkers. We found that out because Daryl was rudely met by 3 people, Sherry, Tina and Dwight. Comic fans will recognize the name Dwight. The 3 were escaping a unnamed place as they jumped Daryl. They were being followed and that group had to be the ones that chased Sasha and Abraham off the road too. A few things here, the three people didn’t look to be tough by any means. Dwight seemed tentative and the two females seemed just around. They told Daryl they didn’t want to go back to where they were before, and they thought that Daryl was someone from a lookout outpost.

The 3 were on the journey for “Patty”. We didn’t know if Patty was a person from their original home base or not, when they got to the area where Patty was supposed to be, they saw it was over run, one fainted and Daryl used that opportunity to steal the supply bag, including his crossbow, and escaped. After a safe distance he found out why one of the females fainted, she is a diabetic as they had a cooler of insulin. Daryl having the compassion that he does decided to go back and deliver them the insulin, upon leaving he hears a group of people searching for Dwight and the girls. The girls verbally engaged which caused the attackers to get a read on them, Daryl led them to hiding, while also leading one of the attackers to get bit by a walker. After the man was bit, and had to have his arm cut off they called off the search. The leader of the group, “Wade”, mentioned that ‘he only wants ass that’s wiling.’ Another big nod to the comic book followers.

Tina ends up dying in a way she never should have, during burying Tina, Daryl very very very reluctantly asks them the three questions. How many walkers have they killed, how many people, and why? He seemed to be satisfied enough to invite them back to Alexandria, while working their way back to Daryl’s motorcycle he was talking about how he is going to find his friends. Dwight and Sherry double cross Daryl and steal his bike and crossbow. I am guessing that those two are going to go back to their most recent home to ask for forgiveness with insulin, a motorcycle, crossbow and information about another group as a barter to get in a good situation.

Daryl tells them they will be sorry, and we all know they will be, Daryl finds “Patty” which is a fuel truck, he takes that back into town, finds Sasha and Abraham, and heads back to Alexandria. Upon the drive we here on the radio, “help”. In a very low scared voice we hear it. I don’t think it’s Glenn, it might be Nicholas but I doubt it. I think it’s a voice from Alexandria who is looking for help with the walkers making it’s way into the compound.