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(I know, I know, it’s impossible to “keep calm” while waiting for Season 4, but this picture was pretty, okay?)

While it is most definitely worth the wait, hiatus season (or in this case, hiatus YEARS) for Sherlock is a very long and difficult time for all of us. It’s extremely tough waiting for the next “fix” when it comes to this show, but it can be done. Here are some tips for surviving the withdrawal–er, that is, the wait:

Rewatch all previous episodes

This is perhaps the best trick to this survival. Sherlock is a show that just seems to get better and better the more you watch it, and it’s great to have the plotlines fresh in your mind by next season! Granted, it’s also an emotionally traumatizing experience to rewatch certain (or all) episodes, but we won’t go there.

Read the books

If you haven’t read them already, do it. These novels and short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are fantastic, and to anyone who tells you otherwise:

Rewatch again

Of course. I mean, it’s only 9 episodes!

Watch the original shows and films

Now that you’ve read the books, you’re all set to watch the classics. Don’t judge the special effects (or lack thereof) or the blurry black-and-white footage. Whovians, you understand what I’m saying, right?

Reread the books

Why not? Good literature never killed anyone.

Stalk the actors

This can be challenging when only a few of the actors and actresses have social media accounts. This can be a good thing though; you’ll spend more time on the interwebs clueing for looks (see what I did there?) on the whereabouts of Mr Cumberbatch, and therefore successfully kill time while waiting for the next season.

Watch (and rewatch) the newer generation of films

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are excellent in “Sherlock Holmes” and its sequel, “A Game of Shadows,” and, more recently, Sir Ian McKellan will tear at your heartstrings as an elderly Sherlock in “Mr Holmes.”

Rewatch AGAIN

Seriously, you can never watch this show too much, so we might as well keep watching!

By this point, if you’ve spaced out these activities and managed your time properly, you’ll hopefully just have to wait…um, another year for Season 4. (Still better than 2 or 3 years though…#forevertheoptimist )