Hello fellow Gothamites, here my review of episode 9: A Bitter Pill To Swallow. It was a lovely episode with a lot of craziness. Also, it was a big mistake to watch this episode while eating dinner, so much blood and needles! I absolutely hate needles.

We start with good old Jim Gordon. Tabitha thinks it’s his fault Barbara is now in a coma, after she made a nasty fall in the last episode. So therefore she decides to hire a hitman to kill Jim. Jim, of course, doesn’t know a damn thing when he and Barnes investigate Theo’s apartment looking for evidence. First off, I’m not a huge fan of elevators, but knowing there could be a hit man in the same elevator as me, no thanks. They can fight off the next pair of hitman, but Barnes get’s injured. Then another hitman arrives (can you believe this all happened in a few hours?) and that is no other than Eduardo Flamingo. Who surprisingly kinda looks like a flamingo with his little tuft of white/pink hair who successfully kills all the police reinforcements. He is the reason Jim starts to lose his mind and nearly blew his head off. But the conversation he had a few minutes before with Barnes was still in his mind, realizing there is no line. There is just the law. After coming close to killing him, Gordon arrests Flamingo, but before he could be placed in his cell, Flamingo kills another officer by biting her in her neck. Which made me sob, she just survived four hitmen only to be killed by a man already in handcuffs.

At the same time, in Wayne Manor, Bruce tries to get the name of his parent’s killer from Silver, but is stopped by Alfred. The key Silver gave to Bruce which gave access to her hotel room, Alfred stole and stopped the cab Bruce ordered.
When Bruce later tries to sneak out, he is stopped by our girl Selina. who claims she has evidence that Silver is not who she says she is.Finally, Alfred and Selena are on the same line again.


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In the cliffhanger from the last episode we saw Nygma discovering a half dead Penguin in a caravan in the woods. This episode we see Nygma taking care of Penguin and persuade him to move on from the death of his mother. As a gift Nygma kidnaps an employee from Galavan named Leonard. (I can only pray it wasn’t Leonard from The Big Bang Theory). First of Penguin doesn’t want to kill him, but after a few good words from Nygma, the both of them kill Leonard in celebration.

For a huge fan of both Nygma and Penguin (me!), these scenes were a feast to watch. I so hope they are gonna take over Gotham or something, or at least have more scenes together. I do wonder if the GCPD didn’t notice Nygma’s absence. And how he got Penguin from the woods back to his apartment.

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