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He’s HOME!

After weeks without Danny, our favorite Italian marionette has returned! It’s nothing short of a Thanksgiving miracle! But, before we get to that ending, we have to discuss the twists and turns that brought us there.

This episode focused primarily on Mindy, Peter and their friendship, as Peter continued his solo vacation in New York and demanded some quality time with Mindy. Mindy, however,  was not enthusiastic about partying with Peter as her separation from Danny seems to have her at a breaking point.

In his absence, Danny had asked Mindy to begin the process of selling her apartment. (When did she buy that exactly?) When a gentleman, played by Steven Weber, overhears Mindy asking the receptionist at an exclusive members-only club if she can hang some open house fliers on the bulletin board, he misunderstands her comment that her fiance is “gone” and therefore cannot assist with the advertising. By gone, James, believes Mindy’s fiance to be dead. So he tells her that he is in the same boat, but doesn’t quite explain what he means by that comment.

When James shows up at Mindy’s open house with his friend Loretta, Mindy realizes that James thinks that Danny has died. Mindy tries to explain the misunderstanding, but Loretta offers to buy the apartment AND pay a significant amount over the asking price, so Mindy decides to carry on the charade for a bit longer. She agrees to pick up the deposit check at James’ bereavement support group, where she admits just how much she misses Danny.

Later, after many shenanigans, Peter and Mindy have a heart to heart about Mindy and Danny’s relationship and Danny’s absence.Spurned on by the conversation, Mindy vows to talk to Danny about their relationship dynamic and the fact that Danny is in California for an undetermined amount of time, but as she calls him she hears Danny’s ringtone (the somewhat appropriate Queen song “Fat-Bottomed Girls”) in the hallway. Danny is finally home.

While Mindy has shown a lot of growth in the past few episodes. I have missed Danny. The Mindy/Danny pairing are the heart of the show. All sitcoms require comedy, but superior sitcoms also require a soul. Without Danny, the comedy has still been strong, but the pairing that brings so much character to the series was missing.

Elsewhere, Tamra keeps ditching her work responsibilities with no explanation. Collette finds out that it’s because Tamra is performing at a local club, but Tamra tells Collette and Morgan that they aren’t invited to her gig. When they go to the club anyway, they hear singing about her former relationship with a “damn male nurse.” Tamra, it seems hasn’t quite gotten over her break-up with Morgan. Will the two rekindle their romance?

Next week, we will finally see Danny and Mindy reunited, but we will also see the return of the Lahiri clan, as Mindy’s parents and brother stop by New York to help plan the Castellano-Lahiri wedding! Believe it or not, there are only 3 episodes left before the mid-season hiatus, so I expect the season to kick into high gear.

Favorite one-liners:

I promised Leo that I would watch Dora with him. You can come with! The promos were ambiguous but I think it’s about a grumpy tortuga. – Mindy

If you ever want to feel black-balled, just try to go to the Weight Watchers in Tribeca. They’ll turn you away, because you’re way too thin. – Mindy

I tried singing about how I can’t gain weight no matter how much I eat, and I got straight up hit with a tomato. – Tamra

I barely think about him all the time. – Tamra (talking about Morgan)