Hello hello, and welcome back to this Happy! Weekly round. Honestly, some days this show makes me want to take a shower. Other days, I’m laughing. This week it was tough. Losing a mother is tough. Especially as a daughter, and finding her… it messes with you, for life. But, it looks like Merry is a woman on a mission.

h 7.1

Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

But, let’s talk about Nick. The goons outside, talking as they assume their coworkers are murdering Sax, are great. And when the garage opens up, revealing Blue’s wife and son, so much better. Little Gerry making gun motions as Nick kills each person, the lovely Misses confused, but scared. Once everyone is dead, Nick asked where Blue is, and she straight up gives him the address, and wants a divorce. Gerry thinks it’s the best Christmas ever. Then detonates the bomb on accident. Luckily, Nick was already driving away.

h 7.2

Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

We meet Sonny Shine, and Amanda is following up the kidnapping, and how they are attached to his events. I wonder if he is the one who will get the children. Love how different he is from his characters. Have you ever met an actor, and they are totally different in person? A rude awakening for Amanda. Then, after blowing up, yelling about how it’s not his fault, tries to pick her up. Then gives her tickets to his show, before he orders them to make sure Amanda cannot leave the building. Luckily, she is a smart cookie, and evades the man. One problem- He’s the creepy bug guy in command of Blue.

Blue and his sister go toe to toe, he wants to know where Michael is, and she is sure he killed her other 3 sons. Michael is speaking in Latin, and eating raw meat, before running away. His mother doesn’t tell Blue this, instead, she reveals a lot of embarrassing history. Blue snaps, pulls out a gun, and begins shooting people, including the producer, and another person on her reality show. He even puts a gun to her head, threatening to blow her brains out. He doesn’t. She still is his sister.

Amanda is still running through the halls, before accidentally walking in as a latex party.  involving a lot of people dressed like animals, rubbing themselves in provocative manners. Very weird, very adult, would not recommend showing anyone under 21. Just, it’s so wrong, and so weird. Then again, rich people do have weird habits.

h 7.3

Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

Nick realizes Happy killed something, and tries to comfort him. But we know Sax stinks at comfort though. Happy is going to tell Sax the reason Hailey walked away from Amanda was so Sonny could hear her wish. He is cut off as Sax is cut off, physically, by another car. Merry thinks it’s Blue, and is pissed to see Nick. Before they can talk, Amanda calls, she is trapped in Sonny’s tower. They both go to rescue her, but Happy mentions how Sonny doesn’t live in a tower, but in a castle. So, Merry and Nick are back together, partner wise.

The conversation side, Merry and Nick with Happy being happy was a great portrayal. Showing how Nick looks when talking with Happy. They decide to go to the studio set, and Happy does a bit of recon. Of course, Merry and Nick break in, to find out what’s going on. Meanwhile, Hailey and the kids are being tied up in the boxes. We get to see Smoothie and Sax fight. Won’t lie, been waiting for this for a while. Blue shows up to the warehouse, wondering where Smoothie is. Of course, he has Nick tied up, naked. Their relationship is so glorious. Smoothie seems so passionate about how he will hurt Nick, and concern with what to do. With is choice of uh.. not sure what to call it, honestly. It wasn’t meant to kill, mostly to humiliate. I guess. He lives, Merry shows up in time before irreversible damage happened, and they shoot Smoothie. Think they destroyed an eye, but he seems still alive.

h 7.4

What about the kids? Nick and Merry burst in as Blue is having a small mental breakdown, trying to figure out his role. Nick kills every goon, and Blue runs out the door. The pair split off, Merry following Blue, and finding him injured, laying on his back like a bug. Nick follows the truck, finding the driver shot, and Hailey missing. Nick finds a glove, and it seems Junior has kidnapped Hailey. I rather he have her, he is just concerned for her safety.

Every episode gets better and better, I cannot wait until the series wraps up. It is so unpredictable, but so well written. Are you just as excited? See you next week! Stay shiny!!