Hello Gothamites, welcome back to the second episode!

The little boy that arrived at the GCPD last episode is called William and his parents were killed in a home robbery in the first weeks after the bridges blew. He tells that there are more kids like him that are forced to work under bad conditions and that the rest will be punished because he escaped. Gordon wants to help rescue the children, but they do have to go through Sirens’ territory and the dark zone. However, Gordon finds that it is the job of the GCPD to help these kids.

Gordon goes to the Sirens club to ask Barbara to lend him some trucks to transport the children. She is still pissed at him for doing nothing when Penguin killed Tabitha and says that he won’t last the night if he goes out, but she still allows him to take all the trucks he needs.


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Gordon, Bullock and some cops go through the dark zone where along the way they get attacked by inhabitants, but they still arrive at their destination. Apparently, the Soothsayers that took the kids want to build a tunnel to the mainland and to be the only way to get supplies from there. The leader of the gang is about to kill one of the children when the GCPD arrives. While Bullock and the cops hold the gang under guns, Gordon goes in to rescue the children. But the gang doesn’t surrender quickly, because it ends in a shooting between the two parties. Two trucks can escape, but the car from Gordon and Bullock gets a flat tire and together with three kids they have to flee.


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Gordon finds a building or creepy hotel where they can hide. However, they soon discover that they are not alone, because of a burning candle. Gordon and Bullock start exploring the house and Gordon finds a young boy hiding in a closet. Meanwhile, Bullock finds loads of rings, teeth, chopped off fingers and skeletons down in the basement and runs towards Gordon. When Gordon wants to take the child downstairs to ‘rescue’ from the Mother or Ghost(as the boy calls her), the boy locks them up in a room with flashing lights to make them fall asleep while a woman tries to kill them. The men almost fall asleep, but Bullock manages to break a window to stop the lights from having any effect on them. Unfortunately, the woman escapes and locks them up yet again.

Somehow, they manage to escape the room and flee from the hotel. When Gordon tries to steal a car, they run into the Soothsayers who followed them. But before they can kill Gordon, another gang arrives who is also more than interested in the price on Gordon’s head. Gordon uses one of his last bullets to shoot one of the gang leaders before Barbara comes to the rescue and kills the rest of the gang members. Together with Barbara, Gordon and Bullock bring the kids to a couple of apartments set up by Fox and which is guarded by the cops to offer everyone inside protection. News travels fast because more Gotham residents come to the apartments to get help.


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Meanwhile, somewhere else in Gotham, Nygma has chained himself to his bed to prevent his alter ego from doing unknown things while he sleeps. At first, he thinks it has worked, but when he enters his bathroom he has a criminal chained up in his bathtub. At first, the criminal doesn’t want to tell him what he already told ‘the other Nygma’, but he finally spills that the other Nygma wanted to know where the base location of his gang is. But when the two of them arrive at the location, the entire gang is murdered and a text is written on the wall suggesting it was Penguin who killed the gang.


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Bruce goes to the location where The Witch is supposedly located. It is a very dark place where the plants have taken over. Bruce walks around for a bit until he meets a couple of men who have captured The Witch after she killed some other men. Bruce is still able to convince the guys to give him some time with her and he is surprised when The Witch turns out to be Ivy Pepper. Ivy is willing to make a deal with Bruce where she’ll help him find a magical seed to help Selina get better if he protects her from the men wanting to kill her. But when Bruce lets Ivy out of the cell, she kills them instead. She finds Bruce very naive, but she still reluctantly is willing to help him. Ivy gives Bruce a seed that will heal Selina’s wound, but she warns him that the seed will also alter her forever.


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When Bruce is back at the hospital, he starts doubting if he should give the seed to Selina, but Selina hears it and wants to take the seed herself. If Ivy wants to kill her it is fine by her. After she ingested the seed nothing happens at first, but then she starts having some kind of seizures. The seizures hold on for a couple of hours, but eventually, her body calms down. When Bruce and Alfred are ready to go home, Bruce suddenly sees that Selina’s bed is empty. She appears out of the shadows and is able to walk again. But what Bruce doesn’s see is that her pupils change into those of a cat.