Recap of HTGAWM Episode 7 “Hi, I’m Philip”

When a show-particularly a drama-uses flash forward and flashback sequences consistently, it can feel overdone (looking at you “Lost”). HTGAWM has crafted a sneaky way of utilizing these narrative snatches in a way that keeps the viewer guessing and wanting more. The twists and turns this show has given us is at level 200 at this point in the season. The amount of suspects and motives for whomever shot Annalise is growing, not shrinking. At this point EVE could pop up as the shooter and it wouldn’t surprise me.

I found it incredibly telling that the opening sequence with Connor entering his home with Oliver, shows his thought process on what to do in an emergency. Upon seeing what looks like a struggle, Connor immediately seeks out Annalise. Not the police, not any other emergency personnel. Annalise. The interns have come to rely on her as a Ms. Everything Fixer. Murder someone? Take it to Annalise. Kidnapping? Take it to Annalise. There is an almost damaging reliance that they have on her. It will be fascinating to see what happens when that “fix-it” solution is potentially removed.

Kudos to the casting department on the Philip character. This secret Hapstall baby is sufficiently creepy to make me believe he held a vendetta against his biological family. Finding out Helena Hapstall was a sham, total fraud and hypocrite was the point tipper of this episode. Helena and dead Hapstall patriarch committed sibcest for MANY years, resulting in secret, creepy inbred Philip. Finding out Catherine Hapstall has some very weird connection to creepy inbred Philip, is less intriguing but probably important in some way I’m not really interested in (sorry, not sorry).

I have no clue where the winter finale takes us. Bonnie was MIA this episode but is shown at the Hapstall home when Sinclair takes a swan dive. We know Nate is involved some way but when we see him last, he and Annalise are having a very NSFW tryst in her home. We all shall see in due time. We shall see.

Favorite line:

“I said I was sorry and I meant it. But I’m not gonna spread my legs as some sort of payment.” Annalise to Nate