This week’s episode was simply magical. For more reasons than one, obviously, as the case dealt primarily with magic. But it was magic for a number of reasons- yet another glimpse into the magical marriage between Booth and Brennan, Clark and Hodgins enjoying the “art” of magic, and Angela and Cam being lovely magical friends. Okay the last one was a stretch, but I support it. I really enjoyed this episode, as per usual. Sure, it wasn’t the intense or dramatic  Booth and Brennan story for which people seem to be so desperate as of late. But it was fun, and truly touching at times. We also got to check in on Cam a few weeks after her split from Arastoo. This show never forgets its characters. And I love that about it. I will refrain from rambling on for too long, so here is my recap of The Promise in the Palace.

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That’s Too Steep For Me
Another week, another gruesome body find. A group of men are out biking in the woods, when they happen upon a jarringly steep hill. They are perched at the top, bickering about which one of them should bite the bullet and ride down it. One man appears to finally prepare for the journey, but then pushes his friend down instead. The man tumbles down the hill, seemingly unscathed. He actually seems rather exhilarated by the whole experience. His friends at the top notice that he does have a bone sticking out of his arm. But wait, it is not his bone. It belongs to a corpse at the bottom of the hill, of course. Oh, how I love this show.

Stealing Discarded Body Parts
It’s breakfast time at the B&B household, and Brennan is sitting at the kitchen counter enjoying her meal. Booth walks in and announces that Christine has just lost her first tooth. Brennan is thrilled by this news, and wants to know which tooth. “I don’t know, her front one.” Brennan informs him that it is actually her deciduous lower central incisor. Booth shrugs that off. He is just excited because he got to tell Christine that the tooth fairy would be paying her a visit. I don’t know why he thought this would be that easy, but he seems genuinely surprised that Brennan is not on board with this idea. She feels that the tooth fairy is “a modern pastiche of minor myths, which completely lack thought or substance.” But to Booth, it’s simply a tradition. And there’s no harm in that. “On the contrary, I don’t want to teach our daughter that it is okay for a stranger to break into her room and steal discarded body parts.” I’m pretty sure I will never be more amused by any other description of the tooth fairy.

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As usual, the couple will have to put this particular discussion on hold because a body has been found. Booth informs Brennan that Aubrey is already on his way to the scene. Brennan leaves the kitchen to go get ready, but not before telling Booth her idea of explaining the science behind deciduous teeth to Christine. She seems pretty enthusiastic about it, and that is one of the reasons why I love her. She is a complete nerd. Booth seems completely perplexed by the whole thing, which is also one of the reasons why I love him. Basically if you ever told me a few years ago that I would get to see these two try to agree on how to approach the loss of their daughter’s first tooth, I would have laughed in your face and begged you to write a fanfic about it. But here we are.

Some Kind of Key
Clark, for some reason, is the “squintern” of the week. I don’t think it’s actually addressed as to why he’s taking a break from heading his own department, but I adore him too much to actually care. He determines that the victim is a female in her mid-20s. Forensics still amaze me even after decades of watching crime shows. Hodgins adds that time of death was within the last 48 hours. Aubrey and Cam figure out that the body was dragged and thrown down the hill. Someone was trying to get rid of her.

At the lab, Brennan and the rest of the squints are conducting further examination of the body. Brennan chooses that moment to tell everyone that “Christine has shed her first tooth.” Cam and Hodgins look particularly excited, and Cam congratulates Brennan. “Booth wants to leave a dollar under her pillow and pretend it came from a fairy.” I don’t know why the most mundane and routine things are so hilarious when seen through eyes of Temperance Brennan. Hodgins explains that the tooth fairy has been visiting Michael Vincent quite frequently as of late. Brennan is concerned that such things may insult a child’s intelligence. Hodgins explains that Michael Vincent is six. “Which means he is old enough to understand you are essentially perpetrating a fraud.” I cannot get enough of her reactions to this. Seriously.

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Cam, Brennan, and Clark all notice a pattern of unusual injuries. Cam proceeds to pull a key out from the victim. There was no evidence that she was force fed the key, but she definitely has performed this feat more than a few times.

He’s a Mentor
Cam “walks in on” Angela talking to her new photography mentor, Sebastian. He’s back in town and wants to see how Angela’s work has been progressing. He leaves the two to their work. Angela has narrowed down the victim pool to approximately 300 women in the area, and Cam has a finger for them to work with. While they wait for the Angelatron to assemble a partial print from the damaged finger, Cam tries to get some dirt on Angela and Sebastian. “He’s a handsome guy.” Angela inquires as to what exactly she means by that statement, and Cam replies that he may be interested in more than just her photography. Angela scoffs at Cam’s implications. “He’s a mentor. That’s it.” Angela is able to cross reference the matches from the print with those from the facial reconstruction and find a match. The victim’s name is Klarissa Mott.

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Straightjackets and Handcuffs
Booth and Aubrey pay a visit to the victim’s roommate, Anna. She and her boyfriend have just started a catering business and are cooking up a storm in their apartment. They inform the roommate that Klarissa was murdered, but Anna claims she did not know her very well. Anna informs the agent that Klarissa was into “some weird stuff,” and leads them into her roommate’s bedroom. It turns out that Klarissa was “an escape artist” who routinely performed shows at The Magic Palace.

Just Let Me Drive
The car commercials are back! For anyone that has been watching this show long enough, we all remember how Bones turns into a glorious commercial for Toyota every so often. I actually found it really comforting to see it back again. BRENNAN is driving herself and Booth to The Magic Palace. They bicker about her driving, and she tells him “you would be quite irritated if I told you how to drive.” This is a completely true statement. Booth says that would not happen because they can agree that he is the driver “in this family.” Family. Married. Never over it. Brennan says that’s usually the case but this particular car is too technologically advanced for him. Probably true, as Booth is something of a luddite. They exchange some words to satisfy the show’s friends at Toyota. Cam calls them in the car (on speaker of course), to tell them that Hodgins found accelerants in the victim. Someone possibly tried to assault and burn her.

This Is The Magic Palace!
Booth is rather enthused to be at The Magic Palace because he is really just a big kid sometimes. However, being the rational scientist she is, Brennan is not. “Science’s primary aim is to search for the truth. Magic sets out to deceive, just like the tooth fairy.” Booth doesn’t want to talk about the tooth fairy again, But Brennan wants Christine to know that her baby teeth fall out for a reason. “Not so she can get ice cream money from an imaginary goblin.” That is definitely a new one. An imaginary goblin. I think I would have said “thanks but no thanks” to a visit from an imaginary goblin as a child. An exasperated Booth (you’d think he would be used to all this by now) tells her that it’s not a goblin, it’s a fairy. He changes the subject to their surroundings. The Palace is filled with old magic tricks.

An employee comes out to greet the pair, and Booth introduces himself and his PARTNER. I always feel the need to point this out. The employee’s father turns out to be Mr. Jay, who I presume to be the owner of the place. The partners question him about Klarissa. Apparently she was “fearless” and took greater risks than other escape artists.  She had just taken over the Friday night Main Stage, and Booth and Brennan want to see who she replaced. Her fiercest rival turns out to be someone who works with fire. And she was burned. Connection?

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Aubrey questions the suspect, Phil. The Jeffersonian had found traces of chemicals that he uses is his act on Klarissa’s body. He claims it was all part of an innocent prank. She was not supposed to get burned. He tells Aubrey that Klarissa had been distracted lately. “Something big was definitely changing in her life.” He is adamant that he did not hurt Klarissa.

Maybe She’s Right
Brennan and Clark are in the bone room examining the remains. They find severe injuries on the skull, none of which seem to be cause of death. Clark reveals himself to be a fan of magic. And he learns that Brennan, of course, is not. “No, nor of witchcraft, astrology, or the lotto, all of which require one to relinquish rational thought.” Is anyone really shocked though? Also, I pretty much love every single word out of this woman’s mouth. Cam comes in “just in time” to tell the anthropologists that dilaudid was found in Klarissa’s system.

Aubrey finds out that Klarissa had been withdrawing a large sum of money each week from an ATM in a “bad neighborhood.” He is going to find footage from the machine, when Booth asks him his thoughts on the tooth fairy. Booth proceeds to tell him that Brennan has an issue “giving Christine a buck for her tooth.” Aubrey thinks maybe she’s right. “She might know something that we don’t know.” He goes on to say that there was a time when everyone thought that the world was flat. “It took someone like Dr. Brennan to tell them they were wrong. The world changed.” Food for thought. Not literally, for once (with Aubrey).

Angela pulls up the footage of the ATM and discovers that Klarissa enters a building directly behind the machine. She ascertains the address, and Aubrey and Booth go to speak to the current tenant. They hear screaming coming from inside, but it’s not what it sounds like. Klarissa did not come to the man for dilaudid. She came to him for flexibility training. He turns out to be a coach for Active Release Technique. She paid him in cash because he lost his PT license and has to work off the books. He denies any involvement in her murder.

Meanwhile, Angela is showing Cam  some threatening emails from Klarissa’s account. They are anonymous, but all originated from the public library. Sebastian chooses that moment to call Angela’s cell, and Cam gives her another “knowing” look.  Angela brushes it off once again as nothing. Or at least not what Cam thinks it is. Also, I am really loving these Cam and Angela scenes in this episode. They don’t always get so much screen time time alone. And I rather enjoy their dynamic. Just a side note.

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I Thought So
Back in the bone room, Brennan asks Clark to explain his interest in magic. That is something else I admire about this character. She asks questions when she doesn’t understand something. Even if she initially brushes it off as nonsense. She just wants to learn and understand. And that’s part of what anthropology is all about. Clark informs her that magic got him through a tough time in middle school. “Adolescence can be difficult, particularly for children of superior intellect.” That is a concept with which she is all too familiar. Clark then asks to show her a magic trick. She doesn’t think the Jeffersonian is a place for games. She relents, and he performs a disappearing trick with a half dollar. She is unimpressed, and explains to him exactly how he made the coin “vanish.” Clark is frustrated, and Brennan is pleased with herself. She even adorably mumbles “I thought so” under her breath as she smiles and returns to her work.

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Booth and Brennan are questioning Mr. Jay’s son with his father present. He apparently was the one sending threatening emails to Klarissa. He got upset that Klarissa had been doing his dad’s trick- The Drunken Monkey.  Brennan wants to know “what or who is a Drunken Monkey?” It happens to be Mr. Jay’s signature “escape” trick during which he is locked in a vat of scotch. He was supposed to give it to his son, but he gave it to Klarissa instead. The son saw Klarissa kissing someone when he was following her around before she died (“following” apparently does not equal stalking in his mind). But he could not identify the man, as he had never seen him before.

Are We Done With Magic Tricks Now?
Brennan and Clark are examining the bones again. They figure out that two marks on the remains were caused by one blow from a single weapon. Hodgins walks in to tell them that he found traces of alloy metals on the body. Before Hodgins can leave, Clark wants to perform another trick. Hodgins actually seems exuberantly happy about this. Brennan asserts that there has been enough “magic’ at work. “The Jeffersonian is the home of truth and scientific inquiry.” But Hodgins has seen the trick, and he’s pretty sure that Brennan will not be able to figure this one out. Brennan of course is not going to back down from that blatant challenge. “Proceed.” Clark sets up “The Vanishing Spoon.” And Hodgins is completely adorable, smiling throughout the entirety of the trick. But Brennan has his number. Once again, she explains how the trick was performed. “Are we done with magic tricks now,” she says with a smile. And then Brennan turns to walk out of the room. “Look, you made Dr. B. disappear.” I may be mildly obsessed with the fact that TJ Thyne adlibbed that line.

I Was Hoping To Run Into You
Cam runs into Sebastian in the street. She confronts him about his intentions with Angela. But, he’s not interested in Angela. He has been coming around the lab for the chance to see Cam. Apparently, he very much enjoyed their discussion at Angela’s art show, and wants to go out sometime. Cam seems genuinely flattered, but she tells him she just got out of a serious relationship. She is simply not ready.

Cam delivers coffee to Angela, but stops to chat with her about what just happened with Sebastian. Angela is a tad confused as to why Cam felt the need to tell her. “You two are close.” But Angela once again assures her that there is nothing going on between her and Sebastian, and that she is happily married. Angela wants to know what the real issue is. Cam sits down and explains that she doesn’t think she is over Arastoo yet. Angela tells her that it takes time, but asks “isn’t it nice that someone is interested?” While Cam acknowledges that Sebastian is attractive, she is concerned that she will never get back what she had with Arastoo. Angela tells her she might not. “But you definitely won’t if you don’t try.” Angela is definitely on point with the advice this season. And last season. And basically every season. She is essentially the voice of reason for everyone. And I loved this scene between her and Cam. It was really lovely.

Aubrey is unable to find anyone that remembers Klarissa dating, but her super said she had some flowers delivered a few weeks earlier. Aubrey senses that Booth wants him to call every florist in the county to find out who sent the flowers. He senses correctly.

Clark shows Cam some new discoveries he has made on the bones. He has found cause of death:  ligature strangulation. Sounds a bit unpleasant.

You Think It’s Too Soon?
Booth and Brennan are in THEIR bedroom. Before bed. Looking especially sweet in their pajamas. How do we get to see things like this? I try to not question it, and instead just accept that we are lucky lucky fans. But sometimes I cannot help but think about how many shows do not reach this point. The couple is apparently discussing Cam’s dating invitation. Brennan says that it may be good for Cam to start seeing other people. But Booth thinks it’s only been a few months since her breakup, and that it may be too soon. Brennan tells Booth that she would want him to move on if something were to happen to their relationship. He asks her what could happen to them. “Well, anything. Divorce, disease, mental illness, the fact that our work is extremely dangerous. Look what happened to Sweets. What happened with you and your brother.” Booth asks her to stop. She is depressing him. She believes in any of those scenarios, that he would want her to be happy. But no. “I don’t like the idea of you with another guy.”  That earns him a silent, shy, sweet smile.

Source: Bones on FOX Network

Source: Bones on FOX Network

Here’s the thing- On the surface, Brennan is a logical, practical, rational human being. But underneath all that, we’ve seen that she also has these inexplicable feelings like love and instinct and even faith. Feelings she would never admit to years ago. This conversation was not about them. They were talking about Cam and Arastoo. Practically speaking, Cam should move on. It will be her best chance of achieving happiness. Brennan, still in Dr. Brennan-mode, explains that she would hope she and Booth could be the same way if something ever happened to them. Anyone who has not watched this woman over the years may think it is a very cold or awkward discussion for the bedroom. It may truly be the way she feels about anyone else’s situation. Her logical advice would be to move on. Try to find happiness with someone else. But she and Booth are not logical. She cannot rationalize them. We know she would be destroyed if anything ever happened to Booth. Sure, she could find solace in the company of her friends and family. And of course she would find a way to carry on, if only for their children. But it would cause her irreparable emotional damage. She could never love again. At least not in the way she loves Booth. And he knows it. He even tells Christine in his video message years ago: “Help your mom to be happy. Because if she’s alone, she’s going to forget.” He knows her. He of course DOES want her to be happy, but he knows that he is a big part of her happiness. Not in an arrogant way. But they are better together. They make each other happy. We also know that she most certainly would not move on if something happened to Booth. Ms. “Biological Urges” herself told Daisy last season that while it makes no logical sense, she could not bring herself to sleep with another man. And Booth’s line to her in this moment brings her back to their own reality. No, she couldn’t bear for them to fall apart, no matter the cause. And no, she would not want to see him (or think about him) with another woman. Been there, done that. They both have. It did not work. And I for one, love this moment.

It Was Casual
As usual, they are interrupted by a phone call from Cam. Klarissa had hives, and must have been suffering from an allergic reaction when she died. She was allergic to fungus. Booth figures out that truffles are fungi, and that Anna’s boyfriend had been cooking with truffle oil when they visited Klarissa’s apartment. Smart cookie.

Aubrey brings the roommate’s boyfriend, Victor, into the interrogation room.  The kissed the night she died, and that’s how the truffle oil got on her neck. They were supposed to meet up later that night, but she never showed up. Also, he was not the one who sent her flowers. They were just casual. Anna possibly knew about the affair, as he caught her trying to find something in his phone. But he was “careful.”

Aubrey then goes to speak to Anna again. She knew about the affair, but she did not murder Klarissa. She didn’t want to hurt her catering business, so she chose to look the other way. Her alibi did not fully check out, and she admits to  wanting to see the affair for herself.

This is All Entirely Useless
Aubrey finds out that the flowers were sent from the Gold Pearl Casino in Las Vegas. Klarissa was taking a new job, which would have left her current employer just a little bit angry.

Hodgins and Clark have culled all of the pertinent “magic” memorabilia and artifacts housed at the Jeffersonian in an attempt to find the weapon that caused the victim’s asphyxiation. Brennan is less than thrilled. She wants them to tell her that they have discovered something of value, which can help move the case forward. Hodgins did find that the damage to the ulna and mandible were caused by the same weapon (he says this as he pulls scarves out of his sleeve). Those injuries appeared to be caused by different shaped weapons, but Brennan has a realization looking at the lock and chain on the table. “Finally I’m seeing something useful.”

She saw the same lock and chain at The Magic Palace. And it was also the device used for Mr. Jay’s signature trick, The Drunken Monkey. Angela recreates a scenario using the chains and padlocks, and all the angles line up. Clark believes Mr. Jay would have gotten rid of the weapon, but Brennan figures him to be too arrogant. “He thinks he’s smarter than us.” Well that man is a fool if he thinks he’s smarter than the Jeffersonian. Or Booth’s team at the FBI.

That’s Our Little Magic Wand
Booth and Brennan head back to The Magic Palace to examine the chain. Brennan uses her ALS, and I’m a bit surprised she didn’t correct Booth’s “magic wand” statement. I suppose she found it to make sense in context. The chain has been cleaned, but Booth and Brennan chastise the man’s overconfidence. He cleaned the lock, but could not wipe the internal casings. Because the key was inside Klarissa’s mouth. She swallowed the key when he attacked her, so he was unable to to “manipulate it to further” his deceit. “This clotting matches the exact frequency of luminescence of the blood sampling extracted from Klarissa Mott’s remains.” Booth initially has a perplexed look on his face when Brennan says this, but then he gets the idea and nods along. “Gotcha.” This pair loves a good “gotcha” moment. Mr. Jay admits to the murder. He gave Klarissa everything, and she broke a promise to him. He’s under arrest. Case closed.

Source: Bones on FOX Network

Booth walks into their home later that night teasing Brennan about “the frequency of luminescence.” “Even I knew that was a bunch of bull you fed Lenny Jay.” In the interest of time and securing a confession, Brennan thought it was “best to confront him when his guard was down.” She tricked him, yes. “Just say it, you little devil.” Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with these two people? Little devil?! If my obsession is not evident, then I am saying it again now. I am obsessed with these two people. “Occasionally, a touch of deception goes a long way.” “Bones, even you are capable of a little magic.” Of course she is. Which is why she decided to slip a dollar under Christine’s pillow. Booth tells her that “a little mystery is good for the soul.” They share a look. Only that look that the two of them can achieve. He then asks her what she’s doing. She happens to be finishing up some paperwork on the case. He swipes a piece of her paper and performs “the mystery of the disappearing document.” Brennan is completely and utterly perplexed. He has stumped her. And she finds the document, in tact, in her pocket. In true Brennan fashion, she tries to come up with a rational explanation as to how he got the document in there. “Bones, a magician never reveals his secrets.” She proceeds to give him the eye roll of the century. No, I’m serious. If you haven’t seen this giffed yet, I can link you to a few stellar captures of this eye roll. It is simply the best.

Source: Bones on FOX Network

Source: Bones on FOX Network

The episode closes with Cam choosing to call Sebastian. I guess she’s willing to take a chance on happiness. It is hard to say whether this is a one-time thing, or if it will turn into an actual relationship. And we don’t quite know how things will turn out with her and Arastoo. I have a hard time believing their story is over. But I support Cam’s decision to take control of her life and her own happiness. If this doesn’t work out, well, she cannot say that she didn’t try.

The next episode is Thanksgiving and I could not be more thrilled. We have never had a Thanksgiving episode in the history of the show. Never have we gotten to see Brennan “charm” everyone with a faux-turkey. The preview looks wonderful. And we will finally see an episode with ALL of the Bones children, including (new) Parker. Also, the cheek kiss? I may have died after that came on in the preview. All in all, I think it will be amazing. But that tends to be my outlook on these things. I am not easily disappointed by this show. In fact, I never am. That said, see you next week!!