Okay, I am sick of all this Shamy crap. Either get back together of drop it and MOVE ON!

Sheldon, is now on the market.  He is trying to find a smart, intelligent, funny, and bright girl that can ignore.  He enlists the help of Howard and Raj, who found Amy for him.  Together they design an elaborate puzzle, and in some sort of Hunger Games sense, the winner of the puzzle by 10pm will get Sheldon’s contact information.  What better way to spend you Friday night, right?  Let the Sheldon Games begin!

As Sheldon is looking for his next lady love, Amy is on her third date with the young, British Dave.  He is also a HUGE fan of Sheldon (and Leonard), and once finding out that Amy used to date Sheldon, Dave turns their date into 20 Questions: The Sheldon Cooper Edition.  Amy finally calls it an early night but Dave, not taking the social cues, asks if she can introduce him to her ex instead.  After that awkward moment, they head outside, where they see Bernadette, Penny, and Leonard (who were spying on Amy) smash into Dave’s car.  Instead of being mad, Dave is all excited because he met Leonard.  Let you geek flag fly Dave, but just to let you know Amy is done with you.

As the deadline draws closer, Sheldon gets excited about meeting his next girlfriend.  When it’s finally 10 o’clock and no one shows up, he is still hopeful, especially when the doorbell rings at 10:01 when the doorbell rings and Sheldon gets introduces to Vanessa.  Vanessa praises Sheldon on the very interesting puzzle, and Sheldon responds by shutting the door in her face!  It is past the deadline after all.

Okay, it was another painful Shamy episode, however I find Dave and Vanessa very interesting.  I love the fanboy Dave while Vanessa seems to be really grounded.  Let’s keep this moving people!