Charlotte visits Lady Fitz at her request to pick up the money to get Quigley out. We found out last episode that Charlotte is working undercover to bring Quigley down. Did you notice the subtle hints of weirdness between Lady Fitz and her brother? There is unrest and disgust in her actions. But she gets the money anyways. Also, Maggie and Nancy are losing all their witnesses and are back to square one while everyone is still reeling over Kitty’s death. Charlotte, however is on her way to bail out good ole Quigley.  While she is there she meets her mom and Nancy and they tell her Kitty is dead much to Charlotte’s shock. And Maggie tries to talk her out of releasing her. Charlotte still has not told her why she is with Quigley so she thinks she is really against her. Upon her arrival home, Quigley finds Charles and Emily Lacey in Golden Square after celebrating her captivity and mocking her struggle. She puts them both out and they go back to their home with their tails between their legs. Emily is upset with Charles and sets off to go to the memorial of Kitty.

Charlotte makes an appearance but not before Maggie and Will have words. And once again all the blame is laid on her. But let’s not forget it was Lucy who started the trail of murders. And yes Maggie is a bit to blame but she is the only one who is actually innocent and trying to keep everyone safe. However, Fanny finds a clue in Kitty’s hair. A button belonging to the possible murderer of Kitty. After riling the people at the tavern up, they all head to justice Hunt’s house to demand justice and Nancy is arrested. Will passes the message along to Quigley on behalf of Charlotte. And Amelia and Violet have it out over her new position as the justice’s maid. Violet is not happy but soon she understands Amelia’s wishes and what she sacrificed to get her to stay in London. Cutting back to Nancy, we see her about to get her punishment. The punishment is being whipped in front of of everyone and the crowd turns their back on justice Hunt. But don’t forget how Quigley is not trying to stop the Lords from murdering based on her information but she realizes it is out of her hands now and they will do what they want. Hunt now realized his mistake in punishing Nancy but it is too late to turn back now.

Quigley visits Lady Fitz and we learn a little bit more as to why she paid her bail. Apparently Quigley has a secret on Lady Fitz and is blackmailing her with it. Now Quigley has a second demand for Lady Fitz, she wants to walk in the upperclass circle and the justice is stopping her business by placing guards outside her doors. Charlotte delves into Quigley’s life a little deeper and Nancy is a special case. Harlots is starting to give us a little more background on our favorite characters. After helping Nancy back to Greek Street, Fallon pays another visit but this time for Lucy. I won’t call her stupid but she is not the smartest harlot simply seeking more money to get away from her mother or so it seems. One murder and mouthing off to her mom because her mother gave her what she wanted. Not the most grateful of children. Lucy is spoiled. Emily Lacy and Harriet are now working together to make a living. Harriet seems to have fallen off her high horse now that North has rejected her. But one can only predict disaster after what happened with Maggie.

Maggie tries to do a good deed and invite the Scanwell’s to her house since they are living on the streets thanks to Quigley. Mrs Scanwell brings a little lightheartedness to the house and they can laugh a little. We continue to learn a little bit more about our characters. And the ongoing and never ending fight between Maggie and Quigley.  Quigley is desperately trying to win Charlotte over by playing the victim. Quigley is a little vulnerable since she no longer has Charles and is latching on to Charlotte but not fully.