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Review of The Resident, Episode 7

Hello hello, and welcome back to The Resident. I hope you all had a safe and fun weekend. I am sad to say, this week we are missing my favorite character in the series, Irving Feldman, is nowhere in the episode. Probably why I didn’t laugh this week. Anyway, let’s dive right on in.

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In a previous episode, we watched as Dr. Bell decides to stop treating his hands, knowing the medication is going to affect his lifestyle. Because of this, his hands begin to shake again. There is a board meeting, where they bring up transparency. Dr. Bell makes a joke, throwing the idea in the CEO, Claire’s face. Up until this moment, they seem to have been a team of sorts, and to be mocked makes Claire question their goals.

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The board also brings up firing Mina, but Dr. Bell defends her. Of course, we know without her, he would have mucked up a few surgeries. Mina bumps head with Bell, switching Doctors. Dr. Bell forces her to be his Assist during a surgery in a month, and gives her no other options. Later, Mina is talking with Nic about the situation, and wants to approach the board and claim she is not ready for surgery. Nic points out no one will believe her, she is too arrogant. But, in her bold approach to life, she finds her solution, and approaches the board, at the CEO, thanking them for trusting her and giving her a second chance, which leads to Claire making only actual doctors, and not residents, are allowed on the case. Dr. Bell is without his Ace.

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Wilmot oversees Conrad and Devon as they take care of a high profile patient, Bobby Singer, a pitcher, and a hero of Devon’s. Like most heroes, though, he isn’t what Devon expects, and Bobby sends an inappropriate picture to Nic and Conrad confronts him. The high profile Doctor Massero, who keeps sending high profile patients to Chastain, removes Conrad from helping Bobby. Conrad is totally ok with this, but now, Devon has to deliver the bad news, Bobby is out for the rest of the season, by himself. Bobby actually takes it pretty well, and is more concerned about his sex life. Seems he has to wait 4 to 5 weeks. Oh well. Bobby does apologize to Nic, which is nice.

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Conrad slept with a woman we have seens a few times, Nori. Seems she needed a rebound after just breaking up. Of course, it can be assumed it was a rebound for him, after seeing Jude and Nic getting closer and closer. Over the past few episodes, the two are bumping heads with each other more and more often, but I think Jude is in the wrong. I mean, it’s obvious Conrad’s love for Nic is causing him to be reckless, but in the situation where a patient, Daryl, as stage 4 lung cancer, and just wants to go home, Jude pushes for a biopsy.  Conrad just wants to do what Daryl wants, spend his remaining time at home with his wife.  During a biopsy on the mass, Jude accidentally causes the lung to collapse. Conrad enters the room angry, but calms as he sees Jude is hurting. He talks, trying to bring up his morale, before Nic interrupts. Conrad leaves, and Jude calls out Nic, pointing out how Conrad still loves her. Conrad talks with Daryl, and he decides to Elope, or run away without being professionally discharged. If he had waited, Dr. Lane would probably have tried to treat his Cancer, and maybe given him an extra month or two, at the cost of being ill from the chemo and radiation. Death is scary, but at least Daryl can spend his last few months with his wife.

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With all the craziness around Dr. Hunter, it’s easy to forget that Devon’s fiance is a journalist. Trying to get any information about the chemotherapy treatment from Lane for her patients leads nowhere, so Devon decides to ask his girl, in a non-direct way. He hints that she should look into Lane Hunter, but does warn her to tread lightly. She picks up on a few leads, but nothing really is explained, yet. Conrad, though, catches on that Nic and Devon are onto something, and asks to be in. Now that the trio are working on the same project, I wonder how far the story line will go before Lane catches them. I give it two episode. I really am starting to like the series, but think it is similar to a lot of works out there already. I hope they can find their own tempo soon. Until next week, Stay shiny!

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