As a 90s kid, there were a few things I had to have: a scrunchie, a Blockbuster card and to rent the VHS of I Know What You Did Last Summer. 

During the New York Comic Con 2021, there was a virtual panel for the IKWYDLS tv show. I wont lie: I am skeptical, I am worried and I am annoyed. This tv show is a modern twist with what seems like a larger friends group. 

Writer and executive producer, Sara Goodman and the young cast were excited for us to see a preview clip, happy to reunite even if it is virtual, and had some exciting guest questions. The questions were the highlight. The original cast sent in questions so here are some highlights from those moments: 

Freddie Prinze Jr said he used to do pranks on everyone while filming the movie (I want to hear more about that but alas, he did not elaborate). Were there any pranksters on the tv set? Brienne Tju shared that she was easily scared so everyone picked on her to which the cast agreed shamelessly. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar then asked about any curveballs that may have come up? The cast said that them videoing in their questions and giving their approval and best wishes was a curveball and all this new cast could ask for. 

The new cast after a surprise video from the old cast

Ryan Phillippe said he had to run for his life so did this cast have to do something similar. Ashley Goode and Ezekiel Goodman hinted that they had some harrowing chase scenes that we can look forward to.

And last but not least, Jennifer Love Hewitt came on and said, “If someone said this would be a tv show, I would have said, ‘Of course, what are you waiting for, huh? What are you waiting for?” 
A memorable moment in the film that if you hack into my Snapchat, you might find me reenacting that but it was also a memorable moment for the NYCC. 

With the film’s cast giving their approval and getting to hear from the showrunner and cast, I am a little less cynical and more open to this show. It premieres on Amazon Prime on October 15th. You can also participate using the hashtag: #Iknowwhatyoudid

Watch the trailer here: