Moira’s movie finally premieres but the opening doesn’t go the way the Roses wish. Photosource: CBC

So far the final season of Schitt’s Creek has been less about their trademark humor and the wild adventures of the Rose Family, and more about building satisfying and heartwarming endings for this unparalleled cast of characters, which we can appreciate even if it means that the week to week episodes are getting a little, dare we say, lackluster?

The fifth episode, unveiled this past week, seemed like it would be a home run. Titled “Premiere” it was going to be the culmination of Moira’s long-standing plot about The Crow’s Have Eyes 3 movie, which began seasons ago, and has been yo-yo-ing between fantasy and legitimacy since the start.

If you remember, there was even an episode where Moira and Johnny clashed over an expensive gown she purchased for the premiere before the movie was initially canceled, and while it was gratifying to finally see her walk a reddish carpet in that stunning dress the whole Crows movie plot didn’t get the same payoff. It starts when Alexis, acting as Moira’s publicist, decides that since the movie is being released on a streaming platform and lacked an official Hollywood premiere that she would throw her own in Schitt’s Creek. After some initial resistance to the idea of this miniature premiere, Moira is convinced to put in an appearance after reading a positive review of her film and sends Alexis into a spiral as she runs all over town and recruits Roland and Ronnie to put together a pretty impressive premiere at the town hall in a matter of hours.

Unfortunately, Alexis also thought it would be smart to make the premiere into an immersive experience, namely by releasing a murder of live crows before the show starts. Naturally, since the crows came through Roland, this did not go as planned. Much like what we gather from the film, these crows starting attacking people too, despite Moira’s best attempts to speak their language and try to get them to settle down. The tragedy then spiraled further as someone took footage of the crows attacking people at the premiere which went viral online.

Honestly, this crows movie was Moira’s only plot driver for a while now, and though having a premiere that blows up like that is pretty on-brand for the Rose family, it doesn’t really solve any of our concerns about Moira’s future. Will people like the movie? Will she get back into acting professionally or stay in Schitt’s Creek?

Since we’re still relatively at the beginning of the season the showrunners still have plenty of time to spin this movie off into a new adventure for Moira, and given how anticlimactic the premiere was, it’s really the least they could do at this point.

Checking in on the men of the Rose family, we see another milestone in David and Patrick’s relationship, the kid talk. After having his wisdom teeth pulled, Patrick is given some strong painkillers that make him slightly delirious and when he’s done crooning over how ridiculously pretty David is (it’s nice that some finally acknowledged this) he asks David to have a baby with him. If you remember the episode where David babysat Roland Jr. then you’re first instinct is that this probably should not happen but would make for some great tv. When Patricks sobers up, David confronts him about his need for a child and Patrick assures him that he is fine without a child, though he’s sure David would be a loving and caring father, which for the record would be true. Yet, this issue has never been brought up before now, David has been shown to not be a kid person, and with them getting ready for their upcoming wedding where is this going? On one hand, it may just be a one-off storyline that answered a lingering question fan might have about David and Patrick’s future, it really feels too late in the game for them to suddenly make David think about or plan for a baby but we also can’t be sure. There’s plenty for David and Patrick to work out this season and we just have to wait and see if it comes up again.

Last but not least, we have Johnny and Stevie. After quitting the airline job, Stevie came to realize how much she enjoyed working at the motel with Johnny, and when he schedules a meeting with her she’s thrilled because she assumes he wants to ask her back. Much to her surprise, it’s the opposite, he wants to buy her out of the motel. Oblivious to her position, Johnny thinks he’s doing her a favor and not standing in her way by doing this, leaving Stevie no choice but to go back to the motel late and tell him the truth, that she wants back into the motel business with him. Adorably, Johnny breathes a sigh of relief and is delighted to have Stevie back.

This whole Stevie-leaving plot was short-lived, but it still served an important purpose. Stevie fell into the motel business, her aunt gave her a job and then when she died she just inherited it. She never actually chose it. But now she left it, she tried new things, and she came back to it because that’s what happens to us in real life too. As we grow and become more self-aware we realize how much we liked something we maybe weren’t attached to before, and it takes strength to admit that and to go back to it. Stevie’s always been a timid character but this whole motel buying journey has shown how much she’s matured in these past six seasons. On the other hand, knowing that she will continue to work with Johnny and Roland for the foreseeable future, and will actually enjoy it, is laying some beautiful groundwork for a worthy ending for them all.

Alas, like the grains of sand in an hourglass, the ending of this series is ticking by, coming closer and closer. While this fifth episode wasn’t particularly amazing, it hit some key points fans would otherwise worry about. At least we saw Moira’s movie come to satisfaction, Alexis illustrate her prime publicity skills, David and Patrick discuss children and recommit to one another, and Johnny and Stevie get back together. It was a decent episode of television that may end up playing into what is sure to be some astounding episodes later in the season, but even if that doesn’t come to fruition it did give us some assurances and cheer us up about getting closer to the end of Schitt’s Creek.