This weeks episode was one of the best of the season, and probably the entire season. We finally got to see a strong actress shine and Alicia came to the forefront and boy did she deiver in some tough situations. All the surviving members of the ranch are in the bunker, and the air is not working since the vent is blocked. Alicia runs some numbers, and guesses that they all have around 2 hours before they die of carbon dioxide. Alicia guesses that with some people removed from the equation that everyone else will have a little more time and suggests the ones bit be sacrificed.

It is a tough suggestion, as one of the people near has been biten, Ofelia suggests that someone bit goes up into the ventlation system to see what is wrong, but Alicia says that will just make things worse as they will die up there. Crazy Horse wants to search the people for bites, but Alicia doesn’t think the people will go for it. Alicia decides she just needs to talk to everyone and calls for everyone to give her attention. She tells everyone that the enemy right now is time as they have 2 hours of air, nobody volunteers to be put down so Crazy Horse gets his gun and says they will do this the hard way. Finally some start to step forward.


Alicia was forced to make the tough decisions, and she hit them all straight on. Photo Credit AMC

Ofelia and Crazy Horse head up into the ventilation system, while Alicia is to the side with all of the people who have been bit. The group starts to plead the case for more time, and how they all feel fine, after saying their is not enough bullets for them all or will they be stabbed. One tries to leave and is stopped and told it is morphine, which is the most humane way. With this one of the older men volunteers to be the first. Alicia gets some help with the morphine and stabs him in the head, Alicia rushes out of the cooler, goes off by herself and starts to hyperventilate. She drops the knife and starts to break down, when one of the people come to her, pick up the knife and says here, I know it’s hell, but those people have done their part it’s time for you to do yours. They need you because you’re strong, don’t break on them now.

Nick and Troy are pretty helpless, they have a plan to essentially blow up a diversion and drive through walkers, as you would imagine that was awful and they end up trapped in the chopper. We flash back to the bunker where Alicia, with the help of the bit rancher, has killed all the bit members. She goes and ends the last life, we see shortly after she is talking with the member who has been her support the entire process. They chat a lot about random things and they all start to pass out, Alicia realizes that everyone has passed out or dies. Troy and Nick try to fight off walkers with the blades of the chopper and talk about dieing mainly.

In the bunker members are coming back as walkers, one attacks Alicia, she is able to fight it off. In the duct, Ofelia and Crazy Horse are able to clear the air duct that was stuck from a walker. It gets the air flow moving again, Alicia tries to get to the armory and uses hand combat to make it while pulling in her new friend. Alicia gets a gun and locks herself behind the gate and starts picking off walkers from the other side of the fence one by one. A big explosion goes off, outside is scares Troy and Nick, inside it also scares Alicia and it breaks the lock on the door. The rest of the bullets run out quickly so it’s back to hand to hand combat. Madison, Walker and Strand come through the door and without missing a beat Madison tells Alicia to come. Like you tell someone to come along to the store, I have to say this was probably the worst acting I have ever seen. Just abysmal, anyways I digress.

Outside all the surviors group together, Walker and Madison talk with Ofelia, telling her that her father is alive and wants to see her, a very touching moment of course. On the other hand sadly Madison, Nick and Troy tell Alicia that Jake is dead. Alicia wanted to know how, a walker bite, and how did the walkers come around, which they said Troy saw them and tried to stop them.

Everyone wants to head towards the dam, except Alicia, she tells her mom that her ways don’t work. Madison keeps thinking that somewhere is safe, and Alicia says that’s not the case, and she can’t keep going on thinking it is. She is going to go to the cabin that Jake mentioned to her, she shows her mom on the map where it is, and Madison shows where the dam is in case she wants to come later. Alicia heads off on her own, but Nick offers to follow to make sure she makes it safe, Madison wants Troy to come along. The rest head towards the dam, Alicia heads off on her own, and the guys follow.