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For today’s review, I’m going to also be shining a spotlight on (in my humble opinion) one of the most underrated YA novels available today. She doesn’t get her books turned into movies, her twitter isn’t alight with fangirls, and most ‘book nerds’ I know haven’t heard of her. But her books are an incredible journey of poetic language and potent scenery. Talent like this should not go unrecognized. Please read this author, she’s fantastic.

This selection is called “Red Glass”, and within it, is a journey of 16 year old Sophie, who is crippled with anxiety. She’s scared of germs, murderers, and socializing. Her mother and stepfather live on the border of Arizona and Mexico, and her stepfather occasionally supports refugees crossing the border under the cover of night.

Her family is called to the hospital when a 6 year old boy who was near the border, and lone survivor of his group, is found with her father’s card in his pocket. They take in the child, Pedro, and Sophie’s life changes. Pedro becomes assimilated in American life, and becomes closest with Sophie, but, a year later, his remaining family makes contact.

With her aunt Dika, Dika’s boyfriend, his son, Sophie, and Pedro decide to make the trip down to Mexico with Pedro so he can decide: stay in America with his new family, or go home to his old.

Told from Sophie’s perspective, we watch a journey of personal growth, in both strength and spirit, and Sophie learns to let go, loosen up, and live without constant fear. It is both an adventure and a love story, and Resau’s mastery of language and visuals makes this book a memorable piece. While reading, you feel at home with the characters, who are splendidly written, rounded out, and unique. You’re side by side at the Mexican markets, following Angel and Sophie through the chalk art and fruit stands. You’re inside the little van, listening to poetry, or feeling Angel’s hands braid your hair. You become a part of this book. It will become a part of you.

Red Glass by Laura Resau

Length: 290 Pages

Favorite Quote: “Death is at your side from the time you’re born, m’ija. You need to be friends with Death. That’s what makes you love life. And when it’s your time to die, you won’t be scared. Because, m’ija, Death is your friend.”

Best time and place to read it: in the desert, at sunset, in the bed of a pickup, on a pile of quilts.

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