No, this is not a hint at a biblical theme, nor a shout out at the actual character


Source: American Horror Story / FX

it is a friendly reminder to clear your schedule or set your recordings because:

                                 AHS SEASON 6 IS UPON US

                                  Wednesday, September 14th @ 10/9c

No more theories, no more guessing, no more misdirects (maybe some in season misdirects)

It is time to sink our teeth into the real thing.  There are some changes to this season we DO know already:

1) This will be the shortest season yet with only 10 episodes

2) The setting is in two time periods.   

While not exactly uncommon, it was specifically noted by the CEO of FX to be a major point.  So this isn’t just flashbacks.

3) And the biggest change of all:


After his successful run working with Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson on American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, Cuba was added to the cast of season 6.  To not undermine the terrific job he did, here is a more dignified (and recent) photo of Cuba from ACS


Source: American Crime Story

4) Some things don’t change tho, and we are excited to see Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters take on their confirmed SIXTH season in a row.
We can only hope Lily Rabe somehow makes an appearance to keep her every-season status as well. While her appearance in Hotel was announced pre-season, nothing is set in stone for season 6, and this may be the most important question we have in our final moments before The Mist takes us tomorrow.


Source: American Horror Story / FX