Recap and Review of HTGAWM Episode, “I Want You to Die”

The pacing of this season’s HTGAWM is outrageously fast. I don’t know about other viewers, but it’s all I can do to keep up with the dialogue and Easter eggs Nowak and Co. drop each week. My fingers can’t fly fast enough during the TGON livetweets because it’s so furiously speedy.

In another day ending in -y, Nate is accused of killing his late wife with a fatal dose of pills. In swoops Eve (Annalise’s ex) on a white steed to save the day. Eve brooks no nonsense between Annalise and Nate. None. She warns the two of them against any contact and lets the matter drop.

Annalise has pressing matters with a client whom can only be described as a delusional stalker. This is a man who has chased off two of his ex-wife’s spouses and caused a third to commit suicide by jumping from a building. In laymen’s terms: dude is cray. At her most addled and distracted, Annalise Keating, Esq. is a court champion. She dominates and proves it when cray dude has his case dismissed.

As the Keating Five Turns should be the name of this show because the interns are getting deeper and deeper into the nefarious world of Annalise. From Asher’s past at Charter Lake (party, girl at party sexually assaulted), to Michaela’s helpless crush on Caleb Hapstall to honorary member Oliver being kidnapped/shanked/murdered by secret Hapstall baby Philip, it’s a total soap opera.

Only one episode is left before we intrepid viewers find out who shot Annalise. So many motives, so many suspects, so much television to dissect.

And we didn’t even touch on the fact that Annalise Keating is Wes’s biological mother…possibly. Maybe. Perhaps.

To have or have not a theory, that is the question.

Favorite Lines:

“He has white man’s rage.” Michaela to the group regarding Philip

“You’re a stalker, you’re pathetic and you’re fired.” Annalise to her client Dale

“Go back to the office and stop being needy ” Annalise to Laurel