Among Us Hide? What could that be a reference to? Surely it’s not referring to Fantastic Four #45, titled “Among Us Hide the Inhumans”!

This episode starts with Garner being wheeled away on a gurney, before the med team tells May that he’ll live. Well, that was…resolved quickly.

May gets the attack story from Andrew, which basically plays out exactly how they hinted it played out – except there was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent tailing Andrew, and he took out some HYDRA goons on the way to red shirt heaven.

Hunter comes to give his apologies and respects to Andrew, but May isn’t so keen on that idea. Or Hunter right now, for the matter. Coulson isn’t either, and takes him off the case.

May continues her ex-fueled rampage and targets Bobbi, whom she seemingly blames for Hunter’s rash decision. They get in a quick tussle, which is how superheroes say hello, and then May reveals she was just testing if Bobbi is combat ready. She’s going back in the field, yo! Ward is going down!

Elsewhere, Baby von Strucker is talking with a new character about NüHYDRA and how he is scared to return to Ward alive and a failure. The new character comments on Ward’s sloppy leadership and decides he needs a talking to.

Except this guy isn’t a new character at all for eagle-eyed MCU fans – he’s the newly-christened Gideon Malick, who was on the World Security Council willing to blow up Manhattan in The Avengers. He wasn’t present when HYDRA killed the WSC in Winter Soldier, but lets face it – this dude knows Baron von Strucker’s children. He’s probably so deep in this HYDRA business he’s breaking out the Nazi armbands.

Meanwhile, a bored Hunter goes and bugs Fitz, who is simultaneously running portal simulations to retrieve Will from the-living-planet-that-may-or-may-not-be-Ego and creating IDs for May and Bobbi with working QR codes that gave me way too much glee. He gets shooed away like a fly.

Coulson, by the by, is getting a tour of the A.T.C.U. facility, finally. Except he’s not. He’s getting the usual run-around, because something seems to come up whenever they’re on the way. He refuses to back down, and agrees to accompany Rosalind on her adventure to…her house?

Back at the base, Mack and Daisy conclude based on fairly weak evidence that Lash must be in the A.T.C.U., and use this evidence to conclude that Banks is Lash.

No, guys! Don’t you read my reviews at all? Banks was on the train with Coulson, Rosalind and Hunter while Lash attacked you guys with Lincoln at the hospital!

Anyway, they decide to track him down and Hunter will drive because he’s bored and has nothing better to do.

While we’re at it, what is Simmons up to this week? Checking on Fitz progress in locating Will and playing psychiatrist for psychiatrist Andrew. Not much, really. But she seems to be recovering from her PTSD well!

May and Bobbi look for Werner von Strucker using clever spy tactics and some gadgets (welcome back, backscatter glasses that made Ward, Bobbi and Fitz so much more attractive).

Daisy and Mack locate Banks, and Hunter nonchalantly ices him dressed as a gang member.

Hunter, your methods work and your logic behind them is sound, but try warning someone before doing crazy stuff.

At his base, Ward gets a call from Malick. He basically says “I know you’ve been trying to get my attention, but you’re sloppy. This ain’t Project Mayhem, it’s HYDRA.” Ward tries to pretend talking to Malick doesn’t scare the blue out of his jeans. (‘Cause he was Mike in Until Dawn. Get it?)

Coulson arrives at Rosalinds house – it turns out the emergency was a break-in. He notices that nothing was stolen, everything is nice and new, and there’s a signed baseball bat that most definitely isn’t Rosalind’s. When she arrives with food from his favorite burger joint, he calls her out on being suspicious and avoiding showing him the base.

On the mission, Bobbi and Mayare kicking all sorts of ass. Bobbi and a suddenly-sexist Kebo fight in a pool, and she knocks him out by using her stun batons on the water. Poor Kebo can’t catch a break. He has literally been knocked out in almost every episode. Bobbi and May find a tortured Werner von Strucker tied up.

Simmons tests Banks blood and concludes that no, Banks is not Lash  Figures. But they were so sure! Mack and Daisy decide to fly one of Fitz’ D.W.A.R.F. drones into the A.T.C.U. facility to see what’s really up.

I don’t know if “dwarf” is an acronym like that, but let’s face it, it’s S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s probably D.W.A.R.F.

The drones show an Inhuman in stasis gel, looking very much like something from a sci fi horror movie. Cue shot of Coulson watching with Rosalind.

Good old Coulson and his history of being in the wrong place when people tap into video feeds.

Daisy is upset that Coulson is okay with this, because she clearly doesn’t have audio – Coulson is not happy with this practice either.

Coulson and Rosalind have a little chat and she reveals her hand a bit – she has a husband that died of cancer; the baseball bat belonged to him. She created A.T.C.U. to protect people from Inhumanity, something she believes is a disease that can be cured.

Well, better get started, cause this bombshell I predicted was right. I’m the best.

Werner von Strucker tells May the story of what happened at the corner store – except his version involved Andrew turning into Lash and injuring everyone and escaping.

A little different  Well, Lash’s scuffle with Daisy a few episodes back would explain Andrew’s need for Advil. It explains a lot, actually.

However, a S H.I.E.L.D. agent was tailing Andrew and didn’t notice he turned into a 7 foot tall grey Blanka sometimes? Was he under the impression all shrinks can blast holes in peoples chests? Good effort at the end,  bud, but you missed some vital information along the way.

Suddenly, everything Andrew does is really shifty. Daisy has an untraceable conversation with Lincoln, and Andrew wants to know where he is. Why? So you can LASH him one?

Overall, I give this episode a 6.5/10. A solid episode, not bad. Aside from some cool fight scenes, not overly memorable. I called the twist and maybe that made it less shocking too. But if this is the weakest episode we get this season, it will be a fantastic season.


So my theory was right; Andrew is Lash. But what if Andrew ISN’T Lash? The evidence lines up and corroborates Struckers story, but what if it’s a bait-and-switch? We only have Strucker’s word. Maybe Ward set him up to this, so May will kill Andrew – after all, he probably still blames her for “making him” kill Agent 33.