SO much happened on last week’s episode of The Flash…First, Harrison Wells from Earth2, after having saved Barry from King Shark has joined Team Flash. He establishes himself as our resident asshole-that-you-can’t-help-but-love by calling Garrick out for being cowardly, and generally sassing everyone in the vicinity.


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The sass is strong with this one.

This episode also introduces a new villain from the Multiverse who draws her powers from starlight. Her name is Doctor Light, and she is Linda Park’s doppelganger. As pointed out by Cisco, this is no coincidence, but rather a sinister alignment, reinforcing the thought that Zoom is behind everything. He sent Light knowing that Barry would hesitate beating up his ex. Which leaves the audience with a really awful sense of foreboding; if there are an unlimited number of universes, Henry Allen is bound to be a meta in at least one of them. And I’ve got a hunch that, no matter what, Barry wouldn’t be able to fight someone with his dad’s face. Or his mom’s. Or Joe’s. The possibilities are endless and exciting and scary all at once.

Long story short, Barry gets temporarily blinded by Light, but, with the help of Cisco, he still makes it to his first date with Patty. It’s a literal blind date, which Patty doesn’t know about, and this leads to a few awkward moments.


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One more point of particular interest, is the scene wherein Dick Wells (as twitter has fondly names him) exposes Cisco as The Vibe via the app he designed for metahuman detection. It’s a tough moment to watch, but what’s more interesting is the fact that Caitlin’s presence didn’t trigger the app; suggesting that Killer Frost could be Caitlin from the nebulous Muiltiverse (a deviant from the true plot), or that her powers simply aren’t developed yet.