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Episode Synopsis:

When Jess insists on covering Robby’s medical bill, she is stunned after finding out the total and goes to extremes to find a way to help pay. With Schmidt and Winston’s help, Cece attempts to get her new modeling agency off the ground (and out of the loft), but is discouraged when her first client is inspired to change career paths. Meanwhile, Reagan puts off reading Nick’s new novel.

Brand new business

Cece is finally kicking off her modeling agency, and not everything starts running smoothly. It seemed like everything was going great because Donovan was modeling for Winston’s police station, and he was getting booked for other gigs, like Schmidt’s ad campaign for Estrofuel, but of course Donovan decides that he doesn’t want to be tied down, and decides to be a cop instead. Stress sets in for both Cece and Schmidt, because now, Cece doesn’t have a model, and Schmidt might be yelled at by Kim, yet again. Thankfully, with Winston trying, and failing to make Donovan believe that being a cop is boring, Cece musters up the courage to call Donovan, and tell him that being a model is the best job, because you get to be all different kinds of people. Things work themselves out, and Schmidt does well at work, and Cece becomes more confident with her new job. I love that throughout this episode, the rest of the gang are super supportive of Cece’s new venture. They give her things to help start her business and Schmidt gives her the best gift of all. A real office, that is beyond gorgeous and is ready to be used. Like I said before, I’m so excited that the characters are maturing and furthering their careers. I’m really hoping that this job really is Cece’s calling and she goes all the way with it.

Pepperwood Chronicles

Yet again, there is a road block in the way of Nick and Reagan’s new relationship. Reagan hasn’t read Nick’s book, and is very hesitant about reading it at all. This totally bums Nick out, because he truly values her opinion, and thought everyone else loved his book. After Reagan finally agrees to read his book, he comes back into his room, to find her asleep on top of the pages. Right away, this upsets Nick, and like always, he goes to drink his emotions away. Later on, him and Reagan have a talk, and she reveals that she doesn’t like reading fiction, because it makes her fall asleep, and I guess in some fashion, Nick is ok with it. On a positive note, Reagan does say that she is excited about Nick’s book and is supportive, but just might fall asleep reading it each time. That’s why Nick decides to read some of it to her, which was actually a really cute scene. Nick speaking with a New Orleans accent, made me laugh.

The bill 

Robby tells Jess that he got his bill for his surgeries, and Jess feels like she should pay for them because she was the one after all, who caused the injuries. Here in lies another flaw in their relationship. We finally find out that the bill for the surgeries came out to $200,000 and Jess is in shock. Robby doesn’t want Jess to pay for the bill, which makes Jess furious because she believes that Robby doesn’t think she has enough money to pay for it. To try to change Robby’s mind, Jess decides to start selling some of her belongings, in order to get enough money to pay Robby’s bill, and along the way, gets Nick and Reagan involved. They decide to help Jess look over Robby’s bill, and come to the conclusion that Robby could sue the gym. After Robby talks to his lawyer, he makes matters worse, by telling Jess that the only way he could sue, would be to sue her. Weirdly, Jess starts feeling insulted when Robby says he wouldn’t sue her because he doesn’t believe she caused his injuries. The fighting ensues for some time, but finally they reconcile, and Robby ends up paying for the bill anyway. This relationship I feel, is already going down hill, because there’s always going to be an argument about how rich Robby is, and how Jess doesn’t match him financially. She feels inferior, so I’m sure there will be many more fights between them. Also, I guess Jess will start getting irritated with Robby, if he keeps on thinking that she doesn’t make any mistakes in life. I really think this relationship isn’t going to last that much longer.

Ex to ex 

Now, I had to leave the best for last. The Nick and Jess conversation in the cubicle. There’s been a lot of speculation about how this conversation was somewhat of a conclusion to the Nick/Jess romance, but I don’t believe it. First of all, I’m so happy that the writers have acknowledged Nick and Jess’ relationship throughout this season, because in previous seasons; it’s been like nothings ever happened. I loved that the two finally talked about what happened between them, when they were together, and they still have some learning to do. They knew that they were immature, but now, they’re ready to start taking things to the next level in their relationships. I feel like this conversation was more closure to their old ways of dealing with relationships, and starting a new chapter. This is why I don’t think they’re over. In Nick’s case, Jess said that Nick was finally being vulnerable with a significant other and that was progress. And in Jess’ case, whenever things start going bad, she automatically thinks the relationship is over, but she has to change her logic about it. All great points. And here in lies my thoughts on what’s going to happen in the future. Even though Nick is being vulnerable and putting himself out there, like in this case, his book. Reagan is never going to fully appreciate his work, because she falls asleep every time she reads his work. Jess on the other hand, loves his work and remember, Nick partially dedicated his book to her! ❤ And Nick is totally right. Robby is definitely too good for Jess. His wealth is already getting in the way, and I don’t think Jess is going to be able to handle it after a while. And can we say, that Nick is being more vulnerable with Jess this season, by being able to speak his mind and having serious conversations with her? And I’m surprised Jess isn’t more attracted to Nick, now that he is actually “doing something.” He’s passionate about something for once, and it doesn’t involve doing it for a boss. LASTLY, I just gotta say that I’ve noticed a lot of similar gestures going on between the two. I don’t know if it’s a Zooey and Jake thing or if they even notice that Nick and Jess do the same little side smirk when they’re talking to each other. It’s too cute.

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