“Now might be a good time for you and Agent Booth to throw down.”

This week was the episode we’ve
all been waited for. The crossover between Bones and Supernatural, appropriately
labelled Hollow Bones. I had my doubts, mainly because I’ve never really
watched Bones and they are two vastly different shows. One is based on science
and the other on Supernatural events. The episode was basically part of a two
hour special, starting with the Bones hour and then continuing with the Sleepy
Hollow hour which is what I’ll focus on in this review.

The episode starts off with Pandora raising General William Howe from the dead
and makes him seek revenge on Ichabod for being the cause of his death in the
first place.  When Abbie and Ichabod get
the call that General Howe’s body which was meant to be delivered to them in
the first place from the Jeffersonian never arrived they immediately suspect
Pandora is behind it.

After an encounter with General Howe’s undead army, Abbie shoots off a piece of
bone from Howe’s hand and they realise that maybe Dr Brennan can help them
trace General Howe’s original resting place to stop the army from attacking
again. Said and done, Abbie and Ichabod take a trip to the Jeffersonian to ask
Booth and Brennan for their help. Booth instinctively realises Abbie is working
a case that’s off the books and Brennan insists on coming with them back to Sleepy
Hollow because she believes they may be on the trial of a site of great
archaeological significance. 

“Their scepticism is interminable. She’d dismiss Moloch as a tall man with a skin condition.”

they find the underground tomb of General Howe, they accidentally set off a
booby trap; a wall sealing off the room. Ichabod and Brennan become trapped on
the otherside and as if things can’t get worse, the tomb is armed with Greek
fire. Luckily they manage to escape thanks to Booth and Abbie. Booth and
Brennan return to the Jeffersonian unaware of the Supernatural force behind it

Eventually, with help from Jenny and Joe whom up until now have still been
chasing the shard, they manage to defeat Howe’s undead army and all is well? Or
is it? Abbie’s new boss realises something strange is happening and calls Abbie
into his office for questioning because someone saw Joe and Jenny together,
looking for the shard and it could potentially ruin Abbie’s chances of joining
his new taskforce.

Whilst I like this episode and the crossover in general, I feel like it was all
a bit rushed. I would have loved it if Booth and Brennan would have faced some
actual Supernatural monsters and see how they’d deal with it then. I liked how
Brennan finds a letter with Ichabod’s exact handwriting from centuries ago and
can’t explain how it’s the same one because she knows it’s impossible and Ichabod
simply dismisses it as a rare family trait. As it was a Halloween special, I
would have just liked to see something more supernatural about it all.
Nevertheless it was an enjoyable episode and it was good fun to see the
contrast between the characters and how they reacted to everything that was
going on. I hope maybe there’ll be more crossovers in the future and that this
wasn’t just a one-time thing.

My favourite part of the episode though was when Ichabod finally asked out Zoe
on a proper date. More of that please!

I look forward to seeing what happens next and if they’ll actually come face to
face with Pandora herself