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The Fury of Firestorm

Last week’s episode of The Flash was a little heartbreaking as the team was forced to move forward and to seek a new hero for Professor Stein to bond with to create Firestorm. Caitlin uses her crazy stalking abilities to narrow down two possible matches who have been equally affected by the infamous particle accelerator explosion. Henry Hewitt, a brilliant jerk of a physicist stormed off after his body wouldn’t merge with Stein’s. Jefferson Jackson, a reluctant young guy, proved to have latent heroic tendencies after a successful merge and ass-kicking session with Stein.

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Caitlin is clearly apprehensive about Stein bonding with anyone but Ronnie, but Barry helps her over that emotional hurdle in a short peptalk about “seeing opportunities” that had fangirls across the globe whispering “Snowbarry” in hushed tones. I will go down with this ship.

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As quickly as we meet the new Firestorm, they leave. Just like last season, to go work on their abilities. It’s safe to bet they’ll be back later in the season when Barry’s in a tight spot.

Another plotline focuses on the return of Francine West, who reveals she’s dying and just wants Iris to “know her”. Iris tells her off initially, then again when she uncovers that Francine had a son (probably Joe’s) a few months after leaving. Which means Joe unknowingly neglected his paternal duties. Iris basically banishes her mother on the grounds that Joe finding out about Wally West (I mean, whatever the kid’s name is…) would crush him. It’s nice to see that Iris has grown out of the weak, one-dimensional character from last season, now’s she’s grown a backbone and is fiercely protective of her loved ones.

Finally, a break-in at Mercury labs prompts Joe and Patty to investigate the return of Harrison Wells. As can be expected, Joe wants Barry oblivious of the case, which leads to adorable dialogue between Patty and Barry wherein she tries to hide the truth from him. If these two aren’t the epitome of geeky romance goals I don’t know what is.

In fact, just as The Flash is watching Spivot through a window at Jitters, he gets attacked by King Shark. Now, I know The Flash is known for their special effects but this was just ridiculous. King Shark is a product of CGI masters, and he looks so real my mind didn’t even question its authenticity. Stunning.

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The episode wraps up when Earth2 Wells emerges and saves Barry from King Shark. Wells’ appearance raises a myriad of questions; Why did he save Barry? Is Wells from Earth2 possibly NOT a bad guy? If so, why’d he rob Mercury Labs? But most importantly, fans will be watching to determine if the show is following the original series and making Wells and Zoom the same entity, or following the New 52.



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