The winter finale of Once Upon A Time is finally here! Tonights episode was all about revelations and the plot twist that you’ve come to expect with midseason finales. Sometimes the twist came from left field, other times the twist were scene from a mile away. So lets get down to it!

The first major twist of the night was the revelation that the curse itself that started this whole mess we find our heroes at in season seven wasn’t actually cursed the first few months of Henry’s arrival and helping out Cinderella in Another Realm. Instead it occurred eight years later once Lucy was finally a kid. Speaking of which, suddenly Lucy was born and nothing was made about it and also Ivy was easily defeated at first eight years prior to her casting the curse. It seriously felt like we missed an episode before the open title card even rolled in.

Once Upon A Time "The Eight Witch"

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Back in Hyperion Heights, the only storyline that was of pressing concern was Lucy’s coma and Rumple trying to find a way — with Anastasia’s help — wake Lucy up. Elsewhere we finally found out what happened to Zelena with her living out in San Francisco, with both Regina and Henry driving down to see her and bring her up to Seattle. We also get to see Zelena’s daughter, Robin all grown up picking up a bow and being better then her late father at it in the flashbacks.

For an hours worth of television, The Eight Witch covered a lot of ground both in the real world and the flashbacks. We finally figured out what the smoke/cloud thing was that swallowed Henry up in Another Realm from last season’s finale and also learned why Regina casted the curse on behalf of Ivy. But by doing all this and getting to that point, a lot of the scenes in The Eight Witch felt forced and fast. Like the scenes felt mostly implied, especially with how Gold reverted back to being the green skinned Rumple, Alice and Robin’s relationship, and even the last minute swerve by Gothel.

The good thing about this winter finale that was different and hasn’t been seen since season one is the fact that Gothal is still going to be the villain once the show returns in March. But she won’t be alone and will have back up against all the powerless heroes in Hyperion Heights.


With that said, this wraps up my Once Upon A Time reviews for the time being until the Friday after March 2nd. But be sure to check out TGON in the weeks leading up to Once’s return to any news! Also be sure to check out my other articles on this site, along side my Flash reviews once that returns this early February.