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Supernatural – The Bad Seed

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So far, this is the first episode of the season I wasn’t all
too impressed with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the fact that Sam is cured
and that Dean is alright, I’m actually kinda glad that Sam being infected was
going to last through the arc because let’s be honest, there have been more
than enough ‘What’s wrong with Sam’ arcs over the past decade. I realise as
well that this episode was more of a build up for what’s to come because we are
still only a three episodes into the season so I can’t be too picky. And
besides, there wasn’t enough of space for Cas’ character development last
season so I’m glad there was a bit more of that episode. Our poor angel has had
a really rough time lately.

Anyway, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. So in this
episode Rowena attempts to recruit witches for her new coven called ‘Mega Coven’.
Kind of a cheesy name but all the same, this is Rowena we’re talking about. I
like the fact that there are still witches in the show but I can’t help but to
feel like the witches have gone from being properly badass as they were early
on in Supernatural to being a bit ‘meh’ and not so frightening anymore. I feel
like Rowena isn’t so necessary for the plot and I don’t really get what she’ll
bring to the show this season. I mean they killed of Charlie yet kept Rowena on
and Charlie brought much more to the show as a character and I have zero
empathy for Rowena? Does that make sense? So we’re essentially caught in this
family drama between Rowena and Crowley because Rowena has the Book of the

Source: CW // Supernatural

At the bunker Castiel is getting worse and he tells Sam and
Dean that the angels are hunting for both himself and Metatron but Metatron is
off the grid and can’t really be found until Sam finds a lead to his location. There
are a lot of filler scenes in this episode that seem to be there to just fill
the holes There are some adorable moments in this episode though, like Dean
wrapping a blanket around Castiel. My heart melted, I assure you.

Meanwhile, in hell, Amara is rapidly growing up and as is
her hunger so she begins consuming demons and one of Crowley’s henchmen gets
appointed her Nanny. What could possibly go wrong? Admittedly, I like Amara and
I can’t wait to see what more the season will have in store for her!


At the end of the episode, Cas is also cured and Sam opened
up to Dean about his deal with Rowena.There were a lot of filler scenes in this
episodes and as I mentioned before, not my favourite so far but there were some
interesting things in it nonetheless. At one point in the bunker Sam, Dean and
Cas discuss trying to find God and that makes me really excited. Remember the
200th episode special when Chuck showed up at the end? That means he’s
still alive and I am willing to bet my last even pair of socks that he is
actually god. How awesome would that be?

Side note: I’m aware Jensen Ackles directed the episode and
I’m not saying his directing was bad, it wasn’t at all and I hope we see more
of his directing in the future.



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