I have been anticipating this episode ever since I heard the name “Betty White” in the same sentence as “Bones.” I was unsure as to how it would work exactly. I didn’t know what it would entail. And I also did not care one bit. Because somehow I knew it would be nothing short of amazing no matter what. And it ultimately proved to be both extremely hysterical and quite meaningful. One of the many things I love so much about Bones is that I can feel a full spectrum of emotions in a single 43 minute period.  That just does not happen with many shows. They generally commit to one tone, and that’s that. But not with Bones. The writers are not afraid to add humor to an emotional episode. Or add poignancy to a humorous episode. This week was no different. And Betty White completely knocked her role out of the park!

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I Forgot To DVR Fashion Runway
As with all semi-traditional Bones episodes, this episode starts out with a “typical” body find. A boy and his father are out hunting deer. This is presumably not the boy’s favorite pastime, as he is concerned about having failed to record “Fashion Runway” to watch later that evening. As a slave to the television myself, I can imagine how traumatic this realization is. The father, while not directly knocking his son’s taste for fashion, isn’t exactly supportive either. He tells him “if you wanna be a man someday, you’re gonna have to act like one.” I won’t even mention everything wrong with that statement, as we’d be here for quite a bit longer. But not five seconds later, Dad emits a scream that would probably be deemed “unmanly” by him under different circumstances. His son takes a shot at the skull, and I couldn’t help but internally cringe at the boy causing dear Angela and Brennan hours of extra reconstruction work. It was a decent shot though.

You Can’t Kill Agent Andy
Booth and Brennan are at the royal diner. Brennan is allowing Booth the privilege of reading her manuscript before it goes to publishing. Ah, how times have changed. Being Mister Dr. Temperance Brennan has more than a few perks, I’d say. Kidding. But I’m quite certain he enjoys the sneak preview. Probably almost as much as he enjoys the knowledge that he inspired the character of Agent Andy Lister. Booth also seems to be enjoying the read, calling it the best thing she’s ever written. “Really? Because all of my books are quite excellent.” But Booth is especially complimentary of the “cliffhanger” at the end. Brennan is confused. “Cliffhanger? What do you mean?” Apparently Agent Andy, the character so obviously based on Booth himself, sustained gunshot wounds to the sternum. While Booth is excited to see how Brennan would bring him back, Brennan quite plainly states “he’s dead.” He takes it very personally. “That is my character, based on me. You can’t just kill him.” But as usual, this conversation must be tabled. A body has been found. Brennan gets up to leave the diner, but Booth is still visibly distressed. He tells her “this Agent Andy thing isn’t over.” “No Booth, death is very final.” Cue some very adorable pouty faces from Booth. She assures him “it’s not you.” But I suppose it does feel that way to Booth.

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The two arrive at the the crime scene, bickering about the book some more. Brennan is adamant that she’s not changing the ending. Cam mentions that the two of them “really hit the ground running this morning.” “Yeah, well you know what, there’s a lot to hash out when your WIFE is plotting your own murder.” NEVER OVER THE “WIFE.” He is DEFINITELY taking this personally though. Cam and Hodgins are both shocked by the news of Agent Andy. Does Cam read Brennan’s books now? I support that. On to the body. It sustained bites indicative of coyote-wolf hybrids. There’s a new one. Cam announces the body is “faceless” and Booth of course responds “maybe his wife or editor shot him in the face.” Aw Booth. All evidence at the scene points to a body dump. Meaning murder. “Just like Agent Andy.” It’s going to be a long episode for Booth and his seemingly deceased fictional counterpart!

She Isn’t Hot, Is She?
Dr. Wells is the intern of the week, and he is acting “even douchier than usual.” But the always-practical Brennan is not concerned about Oliver’s attitude, as he is “easily replaceable.” As it turns out, she has already enlisted the help of an additional intern (BETTY BETTY BETTY). “Dr. Beth Mayer’s brilliance as a forensic anthropologist is unrivaled. With the exception of myself, of course.” Oliver is perturbed that he may have to work with “another gorgeous intelligent woman.” Is that a bad thing? And also, where’s the lie? Look at them!

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Agent James
Aubrey and Booth are discussing the case at the FBI. Aubrey offers his condolences to Booth on the death of Agent Andy. He is in agreement with Booth. It makes no sense to have a character killed off and just have one character solving crimes by herself. I’m not going to touch that one right now. But Booth tells him that Brennan is not going to do that. She’ll create another, younger “sexier” partner to work work Kathy. Aubrey takes that to mean the character is based on him. Sorry “Agent James,” I love you, but there ain’t no one “sexier” than Booth (I mean Andy, of course).

Completely Normal
Oliver comes in to help Hodgins separate the bone fragments from the debris. Hodgins heard Oliver was “feeling a little stressed” and asks him about it. Oliver then reveals that he is dealing with the “common problem” of erectile dysfunction. He is confounded by the fact that no matter what he does, he cannot solve this particular problem. Cam, with her always-impeccable timing, walks in wondering about the problem they are discussing. Oliver apologizes to Cam for his earlier behavior. She tells him “no hard feelings.” “No. None whatsoever.” GOOD ONE, SHOW!

Just Experienced
Angela is having great difficulty reconstructing the scull. And in walks in BETTY WHITE, erm, Dr. Beth Mayer offering a suggestion to make Angela’s task feasible. Brennan notes that Dr. Mayer has arrived early. “What can I say? I drive fast.” And already I am in love with this character. Angela is excited by Dr. Mayer’s suggestion, explaining to us all why it has suddenly made her job much easier. She introduces herself, but Dr. Mayer already knows who Angela is. And apparently she is also very much aware of the Angelatron. Angela is surprised at this, but Brennan explains that “Dr. Mayer developed the platform its graphic simulator is baed on.” Whatever that means, I’m good with it. Since Angela developed the technology, she knows that the platform was actually developed by a Dr. Brinkley. But we find out that it was Dr. Mayer’s name at the time. One of her “prior” marriages, and she’s had about six of them. “Brinkley didn’t last long. Fantastic lover, though.” LOVE this character. And her eyebrow raise. Classic. The women identify the victim: Justin Ross, a real estate agent.

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You’re Killing Agent Andy?
Aubrey interrogates the temp working at the same company as the victim. They were both working late on the eve of the murder, so he was the last person to see Ross alive. Aubrey informs the temp of Ross’s fate, and his reaction is a bit awkward, to say the least. But the temp claims he didn’t kill anyone. We learn that the victim was involved in a very intense Fantasy Football league. “It was his whole life outside of work.”

At the diner, Booth and Brennan are discussing the case with Dr. Mayer. Dr. Mayer happens to be quite a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Fantasy Football, as she is the “reigning two-time champ” of her league. Booth is visibly impressed, and starts to get excited that they were in the same type of league. But he then starts to trip over his words, telling her that this was all “before” something. Brennan explains that “Booth quit because he thought it was a gateway to gambling.” I really appreciated the callbacks to this arc. I think it is extremely important not to forgive and forget. This season is really making sure we do not forget anything from the characters’ past, and I am very impressed by that. Brennan, on behalf of those in the audience who are also confused, asks about Fantasy Football. Dr. Mayer and Booth give her a quick rundown. “But these teams don’t technically exist?” Booth explains that people take it very seriously. “Just like you and Agent Andy. He doesn’t exist but you’re taking his death quite seriously.” She’s got you there. Although Dr. Mayer is shocked to hear of the death of Agent Andy. “But he’s your husband!” I love how into these fictional characters everyone is. I suppose it is not unlike some of us with this show. Booth posits that Brennan killed Andy when Booth quit the FBI. Brennan calls that “absurd” and requests that they do not bicker in front of Dr. Mayer. But she doesn’t mind. I love her. And them. The discussion turns back to work, as the three of them come upon a viral video of a league member who was forced into performing an embarrassing act on camera.

Man Cave
Aubrey pays a visit to the viral video “star,” Craig, at his home. He’s busy dealing with the aftermath of Justin Ross’s death. But more from a Fantasy logistical standpoint- someone either has to take over his team or they have to divvy up his players. “Life goes on.” Aubrey questions him about the video. But he shrugs that off as camaraderie of the league. Craig instead tells Aubrey to question Lou Divers, a football player who stepped out of bounds and cost Ross a Fantasy game. The two apparently got into a Twitter war, and Divers paid a visit to Ross before his death.

Mr. Happy
There are still plenty of bones missing, and Hodgins is certain that the only way they will find the missing pieces is to go to the woods and track down the coy-wolves. “Normally I’m not one to endorse one of your ill-conceived expeditions, however I need those bones.” Oh, Brennan. Dr. Mayer suggests that Hodgins take Oliver with him, as “being in nature will be good for Mr. Happy.” Have I mentioned I LOVE Betty’s character? Poor Brennan is not picking up on the conversation, leading Oliver to comment that Dr. Mayer is more perceptive than she is. Dr. Mayer tells Oliver that he needs to get out of his head and “go wild.” Brennan, still very confused, sends the two men on their way.

Booth and Aubrey meet with Lou Divers about his confrontation with the victim. Ross had threatened Divers’ wife and kids, leading him to write some of the threatening tweets (which he later deleted). He alleges that the reason he deleted said tweets was that the two figured out the situation in person. Divers said Ross was actually in good spirits when they spoke, as he had just won a “jackpot.” Someone owed him a lot of money.

Is Anything Awakening In You?
Cam informs Brennan that Dr. Mayer is creating a digital catalog of the bones in “limbo.” “I suppose that could prove quite useful.” Cam asks Brennan if she’s jealous or feeling competitive of Dr. Mayer. Brennan tries quite adorably to deny any sort of jealousy she may be feeling. And Cam of course doesn’t believe her, but drops it.

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Hodgins and Oliver are in the woods searching for coy-wolves. After some talk from Oliver about being tired an hungry, Hodgins realizes that they actually should be looking for “coy-wolf deification.” They no longer need the tranquilizer guns, but Oliver accidentally shoots a dart at Hodgins trying to put his away. “You just shot me!”

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Watch Your Tone, Whetzel
Booth and Brennan are on their way to speak to the commissioner of the Fantasy league. Apparently he was supposed to dole out a $15,000 payout to the victim. “Money is always a strong motive.” Brennan is “curious” and asks Booth if he’s getting the “gambling itch” (Booth’s words) from this case. I think “curious” is the wrong word. But I am sure she doesn’t want to sound too worried or accusatory. Booth answers that he is. Brennan is a bit taken aback, as it was not the response she was expecting (or hoping for). But he explains to her that he is never going to hide things anymore. “Covering builds it up inside. When I get an urge, I acknowledge it, I think about the pros and the cons that gambling added to my life, and then I can let it go.” Brennan seems more than appeased by his response. Again, the fact that they didn’t completey forget about the detrimental effects Booth’s gambling had on his life and the people he loves is really satisfying. We get to see the reality of recovering from an addiction relapse. He is not going to lie and say that he hasn’t thought about his urge to gamble. It’s only natural when a case like this comes up. But sharing that urge with Brennan, that really shows how far he has come. It shows that his family and his life are more important. He is stronger than his addiction. And he also knows that if it ever becomes more serious again, Brennan will do whatever she can to help him. As long as he just keeps sharing. That is what makes him strong.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the sandwich shop where the commissioner, Whetzel, works. Booth does his traditional introductions, including “this here is my partner.” So for anyone a bit concerned about the state of these two people’s work relationship, you heard it here. “Partners.” Always. They question Whetzel about the $15,000 and his whereabouts on the night Ross was killed. Whetzel goes on to explain the men’s commitment to the league. It’s what makes it “great.” Though Brennan says it may also be what led to “murder.” Whetzel is being hassled by his boss (Is he a suspect too? He’s a bit needy during this time), and the partners are out the door.

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His Wiener’s Feeling Better
Back in the woods, Hodgins is video chatting Angela. He is also visibly stoned from the tranq dart. He explains that there are no hard feelings between him and Oliver, and starts rambling on about them still being friends. Angela discovers that Ross was helping the temp (interviewed earlier in the episode) get his house out of foreclosure. But Ross screwed up the deal by not showing up to a meeting. Meanwhile, Oliver is in the background howling. I cannot adequately do this scene justice. You really just have to watch it. Hodgins high on tranquilizers is my new favorite thing. He really needs to hang out with Drunk Brennan.

Oliver’s little “problem” seems to have been cured by the wilderness. Angela finds out that the victim had a “FitStep” account. But it was still accumulating steps after he died. The group determines that a coy-wolf ate the tracker. And as Hodgins so delicately puts it “and then he pooped it out. Like a poop machine. That poops.” Really if nothing else, watch this scene. Before Angela hangs up, Hodgins wants to sing her a song. But Oliver nips that in the bud. And I must say I’m a bit disappointed. The way Hodgins was going, that song was bound to be a stroke of genius.

Hello, Ladies!
Aubrey is back in the interrogation room with the temp. He confronts him about the foreclosure. He must have been pretty angry about Fantasy Football causing him to lose his house. But the temp tells Aubrey that it was actually because Ross was seeing a “lady.” As it turns out, Ross was having an affair with Craig “Man Cave” Smith’s wife. “She’s the reason I lost my house.”

Hodgins is back at the lab and sober again. He and Oliver found the FitStep and the bones buried in a pile of defecation. Wonderful! Oliver triumphantly walks onto the platform carrying the box of poop. He’s feeling MUCH better. “All I needed was a little fresh air to get the blood flowing to the proper areas.” Cam and Angela leave the men to their digging.

Aubrey brings Craig’s wife into the interrogation room. She admits to the affair, and laments that her husband hasn’t looked at her in years. But she was home during the time of the murder. It was not her. She also admits that her husband knew about the affair. She told him during a rather heated argument. And next thing she knew, Ross was dead. She has no idea whether or not her husband killed Ross in anger.

I Finally Have My Mojo Back
The bones are clean and ready to be rearticulated. This gets Brennan a little giddy. Brennan and Oliver find cause of death. The killer could have used a nail gun. And as it turns out, Booth is going to visit a suspect who is a contractor.

Aubrey and Booth are on the way back to visit Craig. Aubrey brings up Agent Andy’s death once again. He hypothesizes that Brennan was probably just “going through something in her writing.” Seems plausible. But to Booth, that’s still not an excuse. Aubrey adds that Brennan could have gotten any negative feelings out through her writing. And that it’s a good thing because the couple is “strong as ever.” But Booth is still mad. It’s just personal to him.

Back at the man cave, Craig is in the middle of a “big trade.” He is furious to have been interrupted.  Booth has to hold him down, and Aubrey finds his nail gun. They accuse him of getting angry over Ross sleeping with his wife. But apparently the two tried to make a deal out of it before Ross died- Craig would forgive him if Ross traded him Aaron Rodgers (QB of MY TEAM! Go Pack Go! Okay I’m done). But the deal didn’t go through, as it was considered collusion.

Game Over, Whetzel
Back in the bone room, Dr. Mayer has figured out the actual murder weapon. Brennan is not far behind her. But she tells Dr. Mayer that she should be the one to call Booth. They are both the best.

Whetzel the sandwich man is in the interrogation room now. He was the one who vetoed the Aaron Rodgers trade. Ross confronted him at the sandwich shop, and threatened to oust him as commissioner if he didn’t allow the trade. The two fought. Whetzel stabbed Ross with a meat holder, and he dumped his body in the woods. Game over. Case closed.

Embrace the Heat
Dr. Mayer is in the bone room cataloging the remains in an “extremely efficient” way.  Brennan takes this opportunity to apologize to her for “acting in a jealous manner.” I’m not even sure Dr. Mayer noticed. Brennan then asks her for advice. She is completely willing to help, asking Brennan “What’s on your mind?” Brennan tells her that Booth thinks that she was subconsciously angry with him when she decided to kill off Agent Andy. But she claims she wasn’t. They were both taking time off from work. “It was a period of complete peace and quiet.” Dr. Mayer immediately identifies that as the problem. “No wonder you lashed out!” She adds “Come on, gals like us can’t stand peace and quiet.” And there it is. That’s exactly the issue. Booth and Brennan need to be challenged. “That’s why I loved seeing you and Booth together.” She’s not the only one. But Brennan is still confused. All Dr. Mayer witnessed was the two of them bickering. “Exactly, because you pushed each other. That’s the heat you fell in love with. And that’s the heat that will keep you together.” Anything else would be “boring.” A lightbulb goes off (figuratively), and Brennan gets it now. “Boring” caused her to kill a character. Dr. Mayer adds that what Brennan and Booth have is special. “Embrace the heat.” Dr. Mayer certainly has proved herself to be perceptive. She has barely known these people a few days, and yet she KNOWS the truth of them. She sees everything we see. This character was so wonderful. Humorous, wise, lovely. I hope Dr. Mayer was right and that we haven’t seen the last of her!

Back and home Booth and Brennan are washing dishes. It’s amazing how they can make even the most mundane of tasks so exciting to watch. Booth tells Brennan that she was right to kill off Andy. “New beginnings for us, right?” But Brennan is having second thoughts. She believes there is a believable way to bring Agent Andy back in her next book. They have apparently reversed positions on this, as Booth asks why she would want to do that. Brennan tells him that there are plenty of creative ways for Andy to survive the gunshot. But Andy was shot to the sternum. “Do you know how fatal that is, Bones?” If anyone knows bone injuries, it’s Brennan. “Booth, you’re questioning my knowledge of an injury to the sternum?” Booth asks if she’s questioning his knowledge on gunshots, and then proceeds to splash her with water. The episode ends in an absolutely adorable display of playfulness from the two. These are just my favorite moments. And they are always earned. Never ever forced. But these two just make it look so easy.

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