Just Survive Somehow is a great motto even without it being an
Apocalypse. You can take that attitude in your day by day life, in your
work life, Just get through the day one step at a time, it takes on a
super charged meaning like for instance eating a turtle.

This episode had a lot of action and things happening. Let’s start with a couple theories I have from watching the episode.

Theory 1.) Enid is a part of the Wolves

Theory 2.) Morgan was either involved with the Wolves before or crossed paths with them.

this episode did a bit of re-wind to give you some backstory to see how
Alexandria was while the other group was leading the walker horde away
from town. After a little lead up we see that going outside to smoke a
cigarette you risk your life. The Wolves, a rugged, unorganized group of
for lack of better term barbarians arrive to infiltrate the town. As
one would suspect a number of the townsfolk are ill prepared to handle
such a situation. A number of the townsfolk dies immediately or hides.
Which leads me to Enid, she seems extremely calm when it happens. She as
it would seem moved around the compound easily, had keys to all houses
which she gives to Carl and says, “I don’t want them to have them.” She
seems not worried at all when she says she is going to leave, and sounds
almost calculating when she says, “this place is to big to protect.
Their are to many blind spots, that’s how we were able to,” and she
doesn’t get to finish her sentence before Carl interrupts. When the
episode gets to it’s conclusion Enid leaves with a note on the floor.
This couldn’t have been anymore obvious.

Carol is the definition
of a honey badger. She just went OFF this episode. Which brings up an
interesting question, which Carol was the biggest bad ass lifesaver? The
one at Terminus, or the one at Alexandria? Carol played her part well,
she was hanging back pretending she wasn’t hard core to keep an eye on
the group, once she saw that things were going down she immediately went
into the protector mode. Going stealth, realizing that the group didn’t
have access to guns, and the most important thing was to get to the
armory. She disguised herself as a Wolves, which seems pretty easy with a
mask and a W on your head, to move around the compound easier. Without
Carol, this battle is lost, Morgan was a help, but he doesn’t have
desire to kill.

Which leads us to Morgan, I don’t know how, I
can’t figure out which side of the fence it happened, but it is obvious
he has had interactions with the Wolves previously, and not just the two
he met while on his travels which eventually led him to Alexandria.
Towards the tail end of the episode he is surrounded by a number of
Wolves, and the leader of that group perked up at him and said, “You?
You live here?” Which is obviously not something you say to someone you
just met while you want to kill them. I’m excited to see how this

You know who was not excited? Aaron when he found his
nap sack with a dead Wolves member realizing the pictures of Alexandria
that he left behind led them right to his home. When you think that it
is time to reflect and take a breath after saving off the Wolves you
have a non stop walker horde on it’s way. The action will be on high
again next week!