We are getting a look at how some other characters
are doing after the break. Laurie Garvey and her son Tom Garvey have
ventured off on their own. Laurie is know longer apart of the smoking
cult, for lack of a better term. They talk, Laurie bought all the
nicotine gum in the area to try to break the smoking habit, and Laurie
is trying to write a tell all book! Tom seems to be undercover in the
cult trying to recruit people who appear that they have had enough.
Laurie is running a secret support group trying to help the people who
want to be reformed. It seems to be going well for awhile, one of her
newer members got to the point where she was able to go home. However it
wasn’t a success as it seemed to be all an act. I won’t go to much into
it, as it was very sad that she ended up doing a murder/suicide as she
drove her vehicle into oncoming traffic with her husband and son

Tom as I mentioned was still acting
undercover in the cult to try to get more recruits and to get more
insight into the activities of the group. He tried to recruit the wrong
person, as she didn’t like it and blew what was essentially a rape
whistle. He gets outed as an outsider and gets taken to get roughed up.
The cult goons take him to a secluded area, where very strangely, Meg
shows up by car to see the action. What she was really there to do was
to rape a tied up Tom in the back of a delivery van. Then they take him
out pour gasoline on his upper half, as Meg puts a lighter by his face.
She has one message, tell your mom that Meg says hi. It’s obvious that
the cult knows what Laurie is up to.

Which brings the story back
to Laurie, she wrote this tell all book of being on the inside of this
cult because it has not been done before and she has changed her stance
and wants to win against her former mental captors. She had some
tribulations as her laptop was confiscated while not paying rent, she
broke into the landlords house and stole the lap top back from his son.
She had a meeting with a publisher for the book, things were going OK,
they didn’t get all of the meaning of the story. They felt it needed
more substance, and reasoning on why the cult made people do the things
they did, like smoking cigarettes. When the person in charge of the
meeting kept talking about how the story played out when she was
brainwashed and couldn’t save her daughter even though she was the
cause, she flipped out! She strangled the man and ended up in prison.

coming to the obvious conclusion that the book angle won’t lead to
fortune or exposure of the cult, Laurie and Tom break out their secret
weapon as the episode ends. That Tom has the power of healing! It is
very interesting to see how this plays out. Sadly I don’t think we are
following this story line again next week so I hope they bring it back
to the fore front soon.