Television The Originals

How to Tame a Mikaelson….

…..and fail!


“Nothing of worth
comes without sacrifice.”

Out of all the fall TV shows, the Originals is one I missed
the most. It’s so easy to get entangled into the millennia of Michaelson family
drama and still be surprised by each new thing that comes along.

In this charismatic season premiere it’s been a few months
since we left off. Hayley and the wolves still remained cursed and she only
gets to see me once a month. Elijah and Klaus are no longer on speaking terms
and in a letter to Rebekah, Freja writes to her sister asking for advice on how
to bring the peace back to the Michaelson family. Meanwhile, Marcel rules the
French Quarter and working on convincing more to join his vampire community
with the aid from Elijah. Davina, who’s the reign of all the New Orleans covens
seems to have taken a step back from the vampires to protect her own reputation,
thus creating a fracture in the friendship to Marcel.

A new vampire arrives in New Orleans – Lucien who was sired
by Klaus in medieval France many centuries ago just as Vincent and Cami a
brought to a dead body strung up in an alleyway because along with a new
detective they have been working with a few cases around the city – this being
the latest. Cami goes to tell Klaus about the murder and after she leaves Klaus
forcefully questions Lucien about his motives for being in town.

Source: TGON

“Now you’ll see that
nothing lasts for always and forever.”

To show Klaus that he is no enemy, Lucien takes him to a
seer and after drinking of her blood, she reveals a prophecy foreseeing a
terrible fate that will meet the Michaelsons in one years’ time and the coming
of some sort of beast. Klaus, of course, doesn’t believe the seer and leaves
the party infuriated. When a new murder strikes, Vincent and Cami return to the
crime scene with no clue and no step closer to finding out the person
responsible for it.

During a meeting with the coven, Davina gets attacked by someone using a spell
to conjure fire to burn her so in a panic she calls Marcel to ask him for
advice or if he knows anything. In the Bayou, Elijah is busy fending off
hunters setting trapped for wolves and when Hayley isn’t showing up, Elijah
kills the hunters and searches for Hayley. Towards the end of the episode Cami
blows up at Klaus for trespassing in her house and crossing boundaries.
Contrary to what many might be expecting, Klaus doesn’t argue with her instead
he politely leaves a painting her painted for and then leaves the apartment.

This episode was amazing. There was drama, magic, intrigue
and a hint of romance and as always I’m hooked to find out what happens next.
Who is attacking Davina with magic? Who is murdering people in New Orleans? Are
they perhaps the same person? What’s Lucien’s actual motive and will the
prophecy come to life?





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