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Scandal 4×03 Review “Paris is Burning”

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In “Paris is Burning”, Olivia got to experience what it feels like to be one of her clients. It’s a lot of sitting around while everybody else does stuff for you. Olivia spent most of the episode cursing her need to be truthful, while also taming her lap dog Fitz, and trying to mend her broken relationship with Abby.

Fitz, of course, was thrilled to have the opportunity to finally announce his split from Mellie and step out into the sun with Liv, but our resident Veruca Salt (Mellie) wasn’t going to let it happen that easy. Understandably so. Mellie has been used and abused by Fitz for most of their marriage, does it make sense that right as she starts getting what she wants, the carpet is ripped out from under her? Calling in Cyrus was an obvious and smart move on her part. He told her towards the beginning of the episode, “This is a very important moment. Don’t waste it being human.” It is very evident in every single political show I’ve seen (a lot) that the political game strips away your humanity—as it has done to Cyrus and Fitz. The only time we ever see Fitz’s humanity anymore is with Liv…and we never see Cyrus’ humanity. Except for a moment when he was begging for his job back; then it was gone again when he played Mellie like a piano. That’s not to say Fitz isn’t playing her either, but you know what I mean.

It was interesting to see a callback to the awesome scene at the end of season two when Fitz said, “Watch me choose you.” Olivia is, seemingly, giving up her good name to protect Fitz. I wonder if she’ll still think that’s worth it in a few months. And this press can’t be good for Fitz and Mellie either. At this point, Fitz has definitely had more “affairs” than Bill Clinton, right? Regardless, it was nice to watch Abby take so much control. She is good at her job, and I’m so glad to see that she and Liv may be on the path back to friendship. Liv needs a good girlfriend right now. Quinn doesn’t count.

Which brings me to Pope & Associates; for once, I didn’t hate the scenes with Huck and Quinn. Huck is much more bearable when he’s drunk. It’s always nice to have tension cutters in high drama shows, scenes, or situations, and in a sense, Jake, Quinn, and Huck took up that role. Jake seemed to have more going on than he’ll admit though. What is this about the Louvre burning? What does that have to do with Rowan and, presumably, B613? Who is Lazarus and why is he winning?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

GIF Source: TGON



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