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Last week we saw the grounders formulate a plan before Lexa’s demise, to keep Alexandria contained in a mile radius with a kill order until they over threw or killed Pike’s dictatorship. The Grounders sent two scouts to Alexandria to reinforce the parameters of what was going on, but Bellamy said he remembers seeing this tactic before and wasn’t going to put up with it. So after the grounders said what they had to say, Bellamy took out his gun and shot the two messengers with no remorse.

Pike understanding what was going on instructed his crew to keep an eye out on the people inside Arcadia, including some chosen people who they believe who could be apart of an uprising. Pike also thought it was best to start rationing everything as they could be in control for a long time. He went as far as putting a limit on alcohol which is Jasper in particular wasn’t a fan of. Pike wants to make sure that anyone in Arcadia is in support of Pike and supports the plan to kill the grounders and keep them down.

Raven, from the urging of the red dressed woman, needs some more tech for her mission. She tells Raven that she believe that information will be in Pike’s office. They have to figure out who would be crazy enough to try such a move, which they find easily in Jasper. Raven pitches the idea to Jasper, who admits that the plan sounds crazy and is on board almost instantly. Jasper’s good friend is in charge of security for Pike and Raven asks Jasper what he thinks any security might be. He rambles off some number combinations, the woman in the red dress analyzes it and tells Raven if that would work or not and Raven would then tell Jasper to come up with something else. After Jasper goes over a story from on the ship, the woman in red realizes that “Earth” is the word that has the numeric value that will be the unlock code. Once inside Raven and Jasper search frantically for the tech, while there Jasper brings up how they have been there before, with Finn, the Finn that Raven used to love and lost. Jasper believes that Raven is on something that affects her long term memory and can’t be healthy for her. He keeps bringing up Finn and she stops to contemplate, she sort of remembers Finn, then remembers a bit more, she also gets freaked out, hides the tech and locks it after they find it and said run, don’t let her get it as they leave the office.

Cain knows what needs to be done, that Pike has become a strict Dictator and needs to be taken out of power, so he gathers up his supporters to come up with a plan on how they are going to remove Pike from power. They get a plan in motion with the help of Sinclair, Sinclair is going to try to set something on or into Rover 1 which will cause a failure. While doing that Sinclair is approached by Bellamy and some men. They caught wind that Sinclair was helping Cain and threw him in jail since he was working on Rover 1 without a work request. Shortly after while inside Sinclair pretends like he is going to give up some info to cut a deal, that gets him beat up, which causes Bellamy to open the door to go inside to try to save Sinclair, but it was all an elaborate ruse to rush the open unlocked door and fight back. It worked as the prisoners were able to fight out of the jail to try to get freedom, while this was happening Cain and Pike were having conversations about the state of Alexandria as a whole, while Pike was distracted he shocked Pike and tied him up. Dragged him to Rover 1 and made a mad dash to escape the compound to turn Pike into the grounders. Since Alexandria was being monitored they figured out that the fight was a diversion and alerted Bellamy, who rushed to the gate as fast as he could to stop an escape, which he was able to do as he got there before Cain was able to escape with Pike.

Pike is able to make a decision on punishment for crimes and decides that he can’t let this unrest stand and that he needs to make an example to anyone that tries to rise up. His decision is to sentence Cain to die. Bellamy doesn’t seem to be in agreement with Pike’s decision and how it is going to set a bad precedent going forward. Pike stands by his decision, but towards the end you can see that Bellamy is starting to have second thoughts on what side he is on.