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On last Thursday’s Scandal we spent almost the entire episode wondering two things: 1) Why is it called “Yes”? and 2) Why is the emoji accompanying the hashtag a nailgun?

What an angsty episode! Right? I feel like my heart is being pulled a million different ways whenever I watch this show. Whether it has to do with my love/hate feels for Mellie or my confusion about who to ship Olivia with, I’m constantly changing my mind.

Let’s start with the obvious: Fitz and Olivia (and Jake). Did anyone notice at the beginning of the episode when Fitz was trying to reassure Olivia, so he kissed her on the cheek and she flinched? Right away I was concerned. Like, oh no. This bitch is NOT changing her mind AGAIN. Then of course Jake, with his muscular, beautiful eyed tallness showed up and they were basically on the lam together, so once again I’m like OH NO. Stop dangling this poor man by a thread. He deserves better that that Liv! I’m thinking what needs to happen here is that Jake gets a new love interest? Maybe Fitz and Jake can just agree to be Olivia’s brother husbands. Yes, that will work.
Mellie was right when she called Olivia “America’s Mistress”, and up until the end of the episode I assumed that Olivia would continue to do all she could to avoid that title, but I guess it was Fitz’s “sweet” voicemail that turned her around. I use the term sweet here, because it becomes more and more apparent every episode that Fitz doesn’t care about ANYONE but Olivia. He talks to everyone else like they are his servants. He’s the President of the United States, but doesn’t seem to care at all about the American People—all he cares about is Olivia. Which is cool for her and everything, but it makes it very hard for me to like him as a character.
Even though Cyrus annoys me to no end (if you played a drinking game for the amount of times that Cyrus said ‘Be the Adult’, you would be so trashed), he was right about Fitz being a child—he truly does need a handler; he basically has temper tantrums and needs to be controlled. …Maybe that’s why he’s with the best “handler” in the business! *insert laughs here*

As for Mellie, she’s a badass bitch and she looked great in that red suit she wore for most of the episode, but I cannot decide if I truly like her or not. Five seasons in! On the one hand, her husband treats her disrespectfully. She’s a strong woman and deserves what she works for. On the other hand, she is just kind of annoying. I almost wish she had leaked those pictures—at least it would have shown her taking some initiative against Fitz.  Especially after he kicked her out for doing something that was meant to protect him! What she really needs to do is have another affair. You get yours, girlfriend!

Now let’s wrap up with a few thoughts I had during the episode:

-The VP, Susan Ross, may be my new favorite character—definitely a tension cutter.

-I like Huck-hating Quinn.

-Huck is the human Eeyore.

-“How does a guy facing murder even get bail?” “By being rich and white” Oh snap.

-My worst fear every time Huck and Quinn are in a room together is that they’ll hook up. *Shudder*

-This guy Gavin is kind of a “bitch baby”. THROWBACK!

-“The statement that the Nation’s first lady, Mellie Grant, is stating is the statement that I, Perd Hapley, am stating to you now.”

-Elizabeth, gurl, you sneaky, but you ain’t sneaky enough!



Source: TGON