GIF Source: AMC // Fear The Walking Dead

I want to see some carnage! I know this isn’t supposed to be like the original, but I wish we could see more. The most exciting action packed part of this episode was heard via radio.

This episode was good compared to most others in this series, perhaps the best yet, but it’s difficult to fully embrace this episode knowing that only one episode is left. I will say if the pace of this episode occurred throughout the season up to this point it would be great. We do have to remember however that most of season 1 didn’t come out pedal to the metal.

After watching this episode, and seeing how many stupid choices are still happening by the survivors I am actually curious what the people who turned to walkers had to do. Were they trying to dance with walkers? Did these people see or hear dead are walking and opt out?

If I was Travis do you know what I would be concerned with? How much effort it took the US military to kill one single, slow walker. It took around 4 soldiers, binoculars, wind and degree call out, and a very loud 50 cal to kill one walker. That would not make me feel comfortable if they were supposed to protect me.

Continuing with Travis, do you know whose Travis counterpart on the man show is? Young Carl, Carl stay in the house, Carl is never in the house. Travis no matter what stay in the vehicle, what does he do? Goes outside the vehicle with no weapons and then asks a bunch of questions when people are supposed to retreat.

Strand is awesome, since it seems the show messed up with Tobias(Where is he?!) The coolest character by far is Strand. Typical smooth talker, well dressed, he says he is a seller, which I would agree with as he convinced some soldier stooge that fancy watches and cuff links still hold value. He is able to read people, says he knows they are buyers, I tend to think that Strand was a former drug lord. It makes sense, I am interested to see how his character unfolds, I think he has a lot to bring to the table.

On the flip side, I’m very sad that my favorite character coming in Alicia, is totally worthless.

Walker arena 2015. Who is ready for the rumble? I am! Season finale coming up soon and I’m looking forward to how the season ends.