You know who I missed this episode? The walkers, the walkers at least are smart about the choices and decisions they make. They have a purpose, know what they need to do, and try their best to go out and do it. I can’t say the same for this group, one of the twelve safe zones south of the San Gabriels.I don’t have the map in front of me, but they are told they are the lucky ones.

In such a all over the place episode, let me just save time by briefly listing some of the absurd things we saw(seriously are people wanting to die?
Jogging, wanting to re-paint the living room, playing golf, leaving wire cutters at the fence as you go out in the wild, exploring out in the open by yourself with no plan or partner, staring at some dead guy who had a gun and just leave the gun there, believing anything some group tells you that forces you to be confined to where they want you.

Ofelia proved however that even though things are going downhill you can still find time for fire fashion like tiger shirts.

Let’s just get to the questions everyone likely is thinking or wants to ask. No do not trust this group of soldiers, their attitude is we have the guns so let’s just keep the population under control while we are in control. The flashing lights is obviously from the soldiers murder fortress on the hill, they are just taking people, maybe not even sick, and taking them for protection or to the hospital and executing them. It’s fairly obvious in hindsight after seeing how the golfing soldier reacted when breached.

Final question I don’t have an answer for, why in the world is Nick still wearing those over sized stolen old people’s clothes? He has been home for at least 9 days now, he has no excuse not to change. Anyone? If you have a great reason we might send you out a prize! – Jon