They are trying, I’ll give them that, the Walking Dead has acknowledged some of its faults, and thinking of ways to not repeat them. For instance, saying that the flagship show suffered in its ratings during the All Out War storyline with Negan because of the helplessness of “our group”. Really they could have just said because of the death of Glenn and that would have covered things nicely.

TWD3 _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/AMC

Meanwhile, everyone just waiting for the Rick Grimes movies. Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/AMC

Sorry people, nothing concrete on that, though some rumors have surfaced that Andrew Lincoln has been seen in the states recently which is leading people to believe that filming has started(or perhaps continuing).

Though we are getting a few more definitive notes about the next show in the line, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. For those who somehow don’t know, this show takes place years in the future from the current timelines, it follows a first-generation group who was born after this all started.

This season is going to start April 12th and 10 pm which immediately follows the Walking Dead’s Season 10 finale. The following weeks the episodes will slide into the 9 pm Sunday slot. The other thing of note is these are to be shorter seasons of 10 episodes each(no word if this will have a mid-season break like the others), but this is only slated to have 20 total episodes. This idea is being kicked around for the other spin-offs going forward, which might not be a bad idea, get a new show in, help move along or bring in new mythology to the longstanding shows, and then move back out of the way.

I am excited to see the world in the future, yes of course, but with it immediately following the flagship finale, and only being a 20 episode run, makes me think that the long-awaited Rick movies might be here sooner than later. I sure hope so, the Walking Dead needs Rick Grimes.