“His name was Death and Hell followed with him”-Revelations

Hello Nerdlings!  This is a brief review of Episodes 1 and 2.

I…am not sure about this show, yet.  This falls into the late spring/summer show lineup for The CW.  I have to be honest, after watching the first episode, I had to google/imdb the show.  Now I’ll preface that by saying that I didn’t know much about the show except for the trailer I had seen online.  I’m going to touch on my thoughts more than a break down of each episode.

The Awakening: Episode 1

This episode was confusing to me.  We were introduced to all the main characters and how they became Angels.  I didn’t really understand who The Man was or what his role was going to be other than he was evil.  I wasn’t sure how they were going to bring all the characters together.  But I remained hopeful since this is a new show and summer shows can be difficult.

Stange Magic: Episode 2

Ok!  Now we are getting somewhere.  I like the racially diverse cast.  I’m enjoying their trials and the fact that the characters have zero idea what is going on.  I like that the Atheist is honest about her disbelief and is still not really a believer till the end.  I’m interested to see how her character develops as I identify with her most.  I am pretty certain that the actor who played The Man, aka the Devil, in the pilot episode is different in episode two.  I think that the second episode offers more understanding of where this show is headed and what our characters face.  You know, the apocalypse.

What you all think?  Is this a show you will be following? Am I the only one waiting for Sam and Dean?